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November 5, 2008

Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here

According to an announcement today by M45 Mining, Mr. Andrea Cortellazzi has resigned as President and CEO, the appointment of his successor taking effect in five (5) days on 10 November 2008.  

However no mention is made of Mr. Cortellazzi’s presence as shareholder, nor of his associates Mr. Serge Ollu and Mr. Jean-Michel de Montigny who appear on the following document filed at the SEC last year in which all three had significant numbers of shares in M45 Mining.

ties-that-bind Then again, it would be surprising this slip would be of significant concern to Mr. Cortellazzi and Mr. Ollu as government securities regulators in Quebec have issued a court order concerning illegal securities trading activities and ordered transaction on bank account to be frozen in regards to Ressources minières Andréane inc, Izza Minerals inc. and HE-5 Resources corporation.


Names identified in the 8 October 2008 decision of the Bureau de décision et de révision en valeurs mobilières (BDRVM) are well known to regular readers of this blog:

MONTRÉAL, le 29 oct. /CNW Telbec/ – Le 8 octobre 2008, à la demande de l’Autorité des marchés financiers, le Bureau de décision et de révision en valeurs mobilières (BDRVM) a prononcé une ordonnance de blocage et d’interdiction d’opération sur valeurs visant diverses sociétés et individus liés à la société Ressources minières Andréane inc.

    Plus spécifiquement, le BDRVM a interdit aux sociétés Ressources minières Andréane inc., Minéraux Izza inc., HE-5 Resources Corporation ainsi qu’à Denyse Raynault, Jacques Vallée, Serge Ollu, Yves Renaud et Marie-Hélène Frigon d’effectuer, directement ou indirectement, toute opération sur valeurs, notamment sur les actions de Ressources minières Andréane inc., Minéraux Izza inc., HE-5 Resources Corporation.

    Le BDRVM a également ordonné aux mêmes sociétés et individus de ne pas retirer de fonds, titres ou autres biens dans un compte ouvert dans une succursale de RBC Banque Royale.

    Le BDRVM s’est montré particulièrement inquiet des allégations suivantes soulevées par l’Autorité :

    – Les investisseurs recevraient les titres d’un émetteur dont ils n’ont jamais entendu parler;

    – Le placement des actions d’Andréane s’effectuerait sans qu’aucun prospectus soumis au visa de l’Autorité n’ait été établi;

    – HE-5 Resources Corporation et Minéraux Izza inc. fourniraient des informations fausses ou trompeuses aux investisseurs;

    – HE-5 Resources Corporation serait en défaut de ses obligations en vertu des lois américaines depuis le 6 janvier 2008;

    – Il n’y aurait pas d’information financière conforme à la Loi sur les valeurs mobilières concernant Ressources minières Andréane inc., Minéraux Izza inc. et HE-5 Resources Corporation;

   – À toute fin pratique, il serait extrêmement difficile de contacter Ressources minières Andréane inc., Minéraux Izza inc., HE-5 Resources Corporation et leurs dirigeants.

The Quebec securities decision in which Mr. Cortellazzi is also identified as a party refers to group of three (3) investors who in 2006 acquired shares in Ressources minières Andréane inc. The blog refered to this company in September 2007 as one of the claims evaluated by InnovExplo for a NI 43-101:    

The West Wind property owned by M45 Mining Resources Inc. (formerly known as Quantitative Method Corporation) represents an area of 1,368.35 hectares (61 claims; purple outline in Figure 4.2). In GESTIM, sixty-one (61) mining titles (51 claims for 811.19 hectares and 10 cells for 557.16 hectares totalling 1368.35 hectares) are registered 100% to Quantitative Methods Corporation. According to Jean-Claude Dentinger, representative of M45 Mining Resources Inc., all these mining titles are without any royalties attached. On the West Wind property, thirty-two (39) other mining titles (15 cells for 835.5 hectares and 24 claims for 363.37 hectares totalling 1198.87 hectares) are owned HE-5 Resources Corporation. In GESTIM, thirty-two (32) mining titles (24 claims for 363.37 hectares and 8 cells for 445.6 hectares totalling 808.97 hectares) are registered 100% to Ressources Minières Andreane inc. and seven (7) cells (389.9 hectares) are currently registered 100% to Marcel Roy. According to Jean-Claude Dentinger, also representative of HE-5 Resources Corporation, all these mining titles are presently under transfer to HE-5 Resources Corporation without any royalties attached. HE-5 Resources Corporation mining titles are illustrated with a grey outline in Figure 4.2.

Ressources minières Andréane inc. was listed with the Quebec securities agency however the shares were offered to these three (3) 2006 shareholders without a prospectus.

When these shareholders began to express well founded concerns about their investment in since they had never received any share certificates, they were informed to call Mr. Ollu at 514-288-0888  (on one such occasion a shareholder was refered to “Andrea”) to express these concerns and demand their money.

In May 2008, instead of receiving their investment money the shareholders received shares in IZZA minerals Inc., a company which is not registered with the Quebec securities regulator.

The IZZA share certificates issued to these shareholders were signed by Mr. Jacques Vallee,  who has recently been appointed as a director of Excel Gold Mining.

Regular readers may recall that Excel Gold Mining has been acquiring claim properties from Mr. Ollu’s wife Denyse Raynault. Interestingly, this acquisition had suffered a few issues which are mentioned in a later press release. 

Ms. Raynault is mentioned in the decision as one of the two co-signors of the Royal Bank Account which assets have been frozen. The other co-signer of this bank account is Yves Renaud, former CFO of Coastal Holdings in which Mr. Cortellazzi was the main shareholder and which Ms. Raynault’s husband Serge Ollu was an officer.

The decision also reveals the mysterious TSX venture corporation mentioned in a 26 June 2007 He-5 Resources press release and cites a 11 December 2007 press release in which the TSX corporation explains the reason for the cancellation was because the He-5 claims were not as valuable as He-5 had been touting in its press releases, neither of the properties offered up had met the minimum $100,000.00 threshold required by the TSX:

The Corporation and PrivateCo entered into an amended letter agreement on October 11, 2007 and shortly thereafter filed revised documentation with TSX Venture. After completing their review of the amended terms of the transaction and the National Instrument 43-101 geological reports regarding the properties of PrivateCo, TSX Venture advised that the properties do not meet the minimum listing requirements of TSX Venture without further exploration work. PrivateCo had previouly advised the Corporation that they and their counsel had completed this analysis, and had confirmed the properties would meet the mininum listing requirements of TSX Venture.

The decision hastens to add that no press release was ever issued by He-5 or Izza to state the transaction had been cancelled.

The decision voices profound concerns in regards to the significant number of false and misleading press releases which had been presented at the hearing held on 3 October 2008.       

The Canadian Government had been processing the dissolution of Ressources minières Andréane inc., since May 2008, it was finally dissolved on 17 October 2008 by the Canadian Government, a few days after the Quebec securities regulator’s decision was rendered.   

A Google translation of the Quebec Securities regulator’s decision is available here.

Interested parties may contact Mr. Raynald Besnier, the lead investigator at the Quebec Securities regulator (Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF)) at 1 877 525-0337

Hail, Hail, the Gang’s All Here

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