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November 10, 2008

Now You See It, Now You Don’t!

The stately building at 1212 Redpath Crescent in Montreal (seen below) has been the focal point for ongoing activities of Mr. Andrea Cortellazzi and his associates for some time. 

1212 Redpath Crescent

Since October 2006, the 1212 Redpath Crescent address has been used in a significant number of US and Canadian government documents.

In October 2006, Mr. Cortellazzi registered 1212 Redpath Crescent with the corporations registry of the Quebec government, this fact was noted in a message board post on 30 March 2007.

The same message board poster added on 3 April 2007 that 1212 Redpath Crescent had been registered with the City of Montreal municipal role for taxation purposes as belonging to Coastal Holdings (COHG).

This City of Montreal registration (seen below) appeared on this blog last October 2007:


According to latest public information, the State of Nevada lists Coastal Holdings (COHG) (a company which the blog made significant observations last year) as an active corporation with an address at 1212 Redpath Crescent:


Notwithstanding last week’s announcement by M45 Mining of Mr. Cortellazzi’s resignation, M45 Mining remains listed with Pink Sheets at 1212 Redpath Crescent.  


Over the last year, Mr. Cortellazzi’s Coastal Holdings has morphed into 2 other business entities which are: Canadian Blue Gold (CBGC) which preceeded Boreal Water Collection (BRWC) as may be seen in this recent Pink Sheets entry for Boreal Water Collection :


However, Nevada corporations registration for Boreal Water Collection (BRWC) still lists Mr. Allain Barriere who was the CEO of previous company Canadian Blue Gold (CBGC) of whom the blog wrote extensively in October last year:


This being said, the blog observed with great interest the recent and subtle change of ownership which now lists Mr. Cortellazzi personally in lieu of Coastal Holdings (COHG) on the latest City of Montreal evaluation of 1212 Redpath Crescent (seen below)


As with all endeavors by Mr. Cortellazzi, things are in a constant state of flux. 

Now You See It, Now You Don’t!


August 26, 2007

The Players – ShadowMan

The last member of Mr. Cortellazzi’s main players is Serge Ollu, Canadian, also a Montrealer. Mr. Ollu prefers living in the shadows which is why he uses his wife’s name Denyse Raynault as his shield.

Mr. Ollu is the guiding hand behind He-5 Ressources (HRRN). He-5 Ressources is a company with no real visible physical address, it currently uses an address which is located in a Nevada trailer park: 61 Shady Tree Lane, Carson City, Nevada, USA 89706 . Calling the phone number 775-291-6469 is a futile exercise. This spring, an investor did manage to reach He-5 Resources, however this was achieved by contacting a phone number: 514-288-0888 in use for Coastal Holdings (COHG) one of Mr. Cortellazzi’s company’s.

Recently, a new website has appeared with the name the “Redpath Consortium”

By coincidence, the phone number: 514-288-0888 appears on this website and lists the address at 1212 Redpath Crescent.

Mr. Ollu’s most recent corporate vehicule is named IZZA minerals Inc. On June 26, 2007 a Press Release declared IZZA a wholly owned by He-5 Resources and a website went online:

HE-5 Resources, Corp. Announces Formation of IZZA Minerals Inc. Subsidiary to Explore Canadian Mining Territories

HE-5 Forecasts Finalizing Merger Agreement With TSX Venture Exchange Listed Corporation in the Near Future

HE-5 Resources, Corp. (PINKSHEETS: HRRN) is pleased to announce the formation of IZZA Minerals Inc., a wholly owned Canadian Subsidiary to explore the Company’s Canadian Mining Territories.

IZZA Minerals will function as the exploration arm of HE-5 with a mandate to explore its mining territories in Canada. The status of IZZA Minerals Inc., as a Canadian Mining Corporation, will benefit from all the major tax incentives (Flow – Through Shares).

Shareholders may visit IZZA Minerals Corporate Website at:

Moreover, HE-5 Management, for the last three months, has been negotiating a Business Combination (Reverse Take Over) of IZZA Minerals Inc. and a TSX Venture Corporation. Only a few criteria remain for the completion of this merger; final closing via our attorneys is scheduled shortly.

HE-5 CEO, Miss Denyse Raynault, stated the following: “Our operations team has been actively preparing a systematic development plan during the last 12 months and we are very proud to see our efforts begin to bear fruit for the benefit of all of our shareholders. We will soon announce the nomination of new officers and directors who will join our organization and complete the operations team.”

The website was pulled less than 48 hours later, this is how the website appeared (click on the link for a larger view) :


The Players – The Sidekick

Mr. Cortellazzi has an impressive list of assistants, none are more interesting than Jean Michel De Montigny of Montreal, Quebec. While Mr. De Montigny wishes to have everyone believe that he works elsewhere, he in fact operates out of Mr. Cortellazzi’s office building (seen here below) at 1212 Redpath Crescent.

1212 Redpath Crescent

Mr. De Montigny (seen here below) is the CEO of another mining company called U Mining (UMNG) which purportedly operates out of Florida but which in fact has and still operates out of 1212 Redpath Crescent.

Mr. De Montigny has previously come under journalistic scrutiny by Radio-Canada in October 2005 concerning his ties, one of his companies called GSI Technologies and the Hells Angels.

The Radio Canada report was less than flattering and stated that investors in Mr. De Montigny’s company had lost millions:

“M. de Montigny a touché au moins un million de dollars en vendant à haut prix des actions dans lesquelles il avait investi environ 10 000 $, selon un document de la Security and Exchange Commission, le chien de garde de la bourse aux États-Unis. Il nie que le montant de ses gains ait été aussi élevé.

De leur côté, les investisseurs ont perdu des millions de dollars dans l’effondrement de GSI.”

At the time that Mr. De Montigny the Investors Relations spokesperson, it was discovered that he was using the alias of “John Michaels” in UMining (then Globex Inc (GLXI) Press Releases prompting many Message Board posters on Investors Hub and Raging Bull to nickname him Mr. hit counter javascript

August 25, 2007

The Players – The Head Master

So who are the players which we will be following over the upcoming posts.

The main player, is Andrea Cortellazzi, a Canadian, living in Montreal, Quebec and currently operating out of 1212 Redpath Crescent.

Mr. Cortellazzi, has conducted some rather impressive scams in the past. One concerned a Montessori School in Montreal:

Copyright 1999 CanWest Interactive, a division of
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The Gazette (Montreal, Quebec)

March 01, 1999, FINAL


LENGTH: 162 words

HEADLINE: Ex-teacher opts for jury trial

Former Montessori school teacher Andrea Cortellazzi has chosen to be tried by a judge and jury.

Cortellazzi, 43, appeard in court in Laval on Friday and entered no plea, so a not-guilty plea was recorded. His trial is set to begin on May 7

He faces one charge of fraud of more than $5,000 after Laval parents paid thousands of dollars to enroll their children in a school that never opened.

More than 120 parents in Laval and Montreal filed complaints with police after they paid between $300 and $2,000 each for their children to attend Montessori schools on Beaubien St. in Montreal and on Concorde Blvd. in Laval.

When the parents turned up to drop off their children at the schools last September the doors were locked and a ”For Rent” sign was hanging in the window of the Laval school.

No charges have been laid in relation to the Beaubien St. school but Montreal Urban Community police said their investigation is continuing.

More on Mr. Cortellazzi appears here:

Mr. Cortellazzi is currently the CEO of a company called M45 Mining (MRES) which trades on the Penny Stocks in the United States.

SEC filings for M45 Mining formerly Quantitative Methods Corp can be found here.

Mr. Cortellazzi has been engaged in numerous Penny Stock companies, none of which has survived.

We will review these companies at a later time….

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