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October 20, 2007

Half Truths of The Boy Wonder

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The hyperlink for M45 Mining no longer bears Mr. Chen’s name as was previously reported on 29 September 2007 (

Mr. Chen (IP: ) the M45 webmaster in Paris, France has chosen to change the storage location the website, therefore you may wish to update your links to the M45 Mining website:

M45 Mining contact interface which is cut and paste reproduction of Mr. Chen’s previous work ( and can be seen in the graphic below with the new M45 Mining URL:


The blog was directed to this new location a few days after it was created on 11 October 2007. Most of the M45 website was transfered on 11 October 2007 and some modifications were done on 15 October 2007.

The blog discovered noteworthy material, some of which may be used at a later time.

This shortcoming should not be interpreted as Mr. Chen being a lax associate since other members of the Cortellazzi Consortium are also error prone.

Earlier this week, M45 Mining issued a press release with a summary of a new geologist report.

The press release purposely gives no detail of when it will be released.

However, the full 48 page, 5 October 2007 report appears to have been mistakingly uploaded to the SEC website. The report is properly identified in the disclosure portion of the form, however part of the details state erroneously that it’s for a previous report: “Technical Report on the West Wind Property”.

A previous geologist report does appear on the current M45 website, however it was not filed with the SEC.

The blog is currently reviewing the latest geologist report and will comment at a later time.

The content of the M45 website did generate a strong lead for today’s subject which concerns press releases issued by the Cortellazzi Consortium : UMining, M45 Mining, Canadian Blue Gold (which was Coastal Holdings until this week) and He-5 Resources.

The common thread throughout this ongoing fraud are the carefully worded press releases which are issued at varying times to entice potential investors into buying or encourage shareholders to keep holding shares in Cortellazzi Consortium ventures.

Press releases are the life blood penny stock scams, it is the press release which reels in the victims and convinces potential investors that phenomenal returns on investment await their modest investment.

It is the carefully crafted and precisely timed press releases which convince disgruntled investors to hold on to their worthless stocks as other scammers work behind the scenes.

Mr. Cortellazzi and Mr. De Montigny are not up to this task since their English language skills while acceptable are insufficient to draft these masterpieces of fraudulent communication. Mr. Ollu, his wife Denyse Raynault, Allain Barriere are Francophones with basic English language skills, the task of drafting such pearls of deceit are well beyond their capabilities. Dr. Jean Paul Cajolais, his wife Michele Minville and her relative Jean Minville are fluent in English, reside in Florida, however their language skills are also insufficient for this essential high level task.

The Boy Wonder

The person with the required skill and knowledge to accomplish the difficult feat of drafting the Consortium’s press releases is The Boy Wonder, Toronto resident George A. Abisaleh (IP: and frequent blog visitor.

Mr. Abisaleh lists 205 The Donway West, suite 810 as his residential and business address.

Mr. Abisaleh, a Lebanese Maronite is a well educated young man (BD: 27 September 1976) who lived in Montreal for many years, he enjoys driving his car at high speeds in Toronto (Ontario licence plate: ANAK 789).

Mr. Abisaleh has been a long time Cortellazzi crony. Mr. Abisaleh was Pro Active Computer’s Director of Mergers and Acquisitions.

He became CEO of Sand Oil in April 2006 :

“Sand Oil is also pleased to announce that it has formulated a new corporate strategy, coinciding with this change in ownership. The Company’s new strategy is to establish itself as an important player in the gold mining and exploration industry. Sand Oil, under the direction of newly-appointed CEO George Abisaleh, will endeavour to raise sufficient capital from the equity market to fund the acquisition of two mining claims situated in Northern California. Mr. Abisaleh has been in negotiations with the seller of the mining claims for the past month and intends to close this transaction as soon as adequate financing is secured. The mining claims, once acquired, will be vended into Sand Oil and significantly increase the revenue and profit potential of the Company. Further details on this acquisition and on the Company’s strategy will be released as soon as the acquisition is finalized.”

A few weeks later in May 2006, Sand Oil issued a joint press release delaring it had formed a joint venture with He-5 Resources.

Mr. Abisaleh appeared more recently as a spokesperson for He-5 Resources concerning a scholarship contest sponsored by He-5 Resources in the Nevada Appeal.


One of the more interesting leads which the blog discovered on the M45 website index (which is open for public viewing) was to a Quebec Government website.

The Government website lists amongst other things, the Matagami mining area which is the focus of 3 geologist reports (M45 Mining has two, He-5 has one):

The Quebec Government website has another web page on Uranium which leads to a January 2007 map of Uranium sites.

If the information on that map appears familiar to readers having read numerous UMining press releases, it should because the 24 April 2007 press release is an almost exact reproduction of the information which appears on the map (graphic which appears after the text) :

Indice L. 24M/02 (Anomaly 3A-2) 0,5% U covering 3 meters 1843L
of U Metal
Lac Castor 24M/03 0,15% U covering 4.5 meters
and 0,33% on 1 meter

Sedimentary basins Paleoproterosoic_Sakami formation

Lac Gayot (Fearless one) 33M/15 0,1 % U Covering 15 meters
and 0,25% on 15 meters
Ferme Nord 24C/07 110 to 13900 ppm U
Otel 24C/08 0,1% U308 Covering 1 meter
Eagle 24C/08 0,017% U308 Covering 2.2 meters
Kish 24C/08 1189 ppm U308
Adelaide U 24E/16 0,22% U308 Covering 2 meters
Chioak 24L/01 0,1% U308 Covering 4,8 meters

Superior Province
Ganiq 33G/13 0,77% U308 Covering 8 meters
Apple 32F/02 0,05% U308 Covering 15,5 meters
Maro 33F/10 17,36% U308 610ppm U Covering 17 meters


The 24 April 2007 Umining press release is without a doubt the most carefully worded of all the Cortellazzi Consortium press releases.

The information is purposely cut out of the text in where it originally appeared and place it in a press release which leaves any reader with the unmistakable impression that UMining owns claims in 12 separate areas.

However, the fact is UMining has only registered 27 claims since January 2007, all of these claims are in a different location (31J14) than appears on the 24 April 2007 press release.

The press release facts taken out of context are accurate:

“NEW YORK, NY — (MARKET WIRE) — April 24, 2007 — Globex / U Mining Resources Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GLXI) today announced the publication of preliminary results from various field tests on these 12 Company-owned Claims in the Ungava area of Northern Quebec. The results confirm the presence of Uranium on these properties. The unedited results from the surveying, detailing the following U308 concentrations: “

However, the press release is purposely written in a vague and deceptive manner to deceive, it is a half truth.

“A half-truth comes in several forms, and is a deceptive statement, that includes some element of truth. The statement might be partly true, the statement may be totally true but only part of the whole truth, or it may utilize some deceptive element, such as improper punctuation, or double meaning, especially if the intent is to deceive, evade blame or misrepresent the truth.

The purveyors of this half truth would most assuredly suggest when confronted this press release merely reflects recent government information which is readily available, moreover UMining never clearly says in the press release that UMining actually owns the claims, it just says it “announced preliminary results from various field tests on these 12 Company-owned Claims “, therefore it simply communicates information which is available from the government which supports their contention that uranium exploration in Quebec is a viable option.

In reality, the press release is like most of the Cortellazzi Consortium press releases, it is a half truth, doublespeak along the lines of Kelli Filkins who appeared before Judge Judy (You Tube video below) and contended her eBay ad for two cellphones wasn’t for the cellphones themselves, it was for “photographs” of the cellphones:

A half-truth is a whole lie.
Yiddish Proverb

In closing, the blog wishes to take this opportunity to remind everyone that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.


October 17, 2007

All Cats Are Grey In The Dark.

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The blog takes note of the numerous affirmations from former stalwart UMining investors which have recently appeared on the IHUB message board.

Many current and former UMining investors now concur that it is a scam perpetrated by Cortellazzi Consortium members.

However, for Cortellazzi Consortium members it’s business as usual.

Consortium members while concerned (IP which is a Florida location near Fort Lauderdale remained on the blog for over 10 hours) have pressed ahead on 16 October 2007 with the issuance of three press releases.

UMining – Company Ceases Talks With U.S. Facility and Turns Focus to the Development of a Sales Program Which Will License Proprietary Technology to Multiple Microplants Internationally

He-5 Resources: Management Intends to Capitalize on Current Price of Gold to Generate Revenues of $15 to $20 Million Based on Geologic Results From Phase I of Drilling Program

M45 Mining – M45 Mining Resources Inc. Confirms Some Anomalous Zinc Rock Values Associated With Gold Showings From Diamond Drill Holes on East Wind Property. M45 Publishes Geologist Summary From NI-43-101 on East Wind Property

For the sake of reference, a GESTIM check revealed the number of claims registered by M45 Mining remains at 174, unchanged since the blog began in August 2007.

However, by far the most brazen of recent Cortellazzi Consortium press releases is the 17 September 2007 press release put out by Serge Ollu (He-5 Resources) and George Abisaleh (Sand Oil & He-5 Resources):

HE-5 Resources, Corp. Sponsors Scholarship Contest in Conjunction With Nevada Appeal Newspaper
Monday September 17, 8:30 am ET

HE-5 Will Award 5 Scholarships of $2,500 Each to Local Elementary Students

NEW YORK, NY–(MARKET WIRE)–Sep 17, 2007 — HE-5 Resources, Corp. (Other OTC:HRRN.PK – News), an emerging mining firm with a portfolio of vast mineral-rich territories, today announced that it has sponsored a Scholarship Contest in the Carson City, Nevada area. The local Nevada Appeal newspaper ( has published an article in the September 17 edition regarding the Contest and will also judge it.

The Nevada Appeal editor couldn’t believe his ears when he asked George Abisaleh if it was for real (the full article appears in the graphic below) :

“That’s a lot of money. In fact, every time I speak to company spokesman George Abisaleh, I repeat the question, very slowly and clearly, “so, it’s five scholarships for $2,500 each, right?” making sure I’ve not developed dyslexia and it’s really five scholarships of $25 each, or some other variant.

But no, it’s definitely five scholarships of $2,500 each. For any parent wondering how they’re going to afford a college education for their children, this could be a part of the answer.

Here’s a press release quote from the company’s CEO, Denyse Raynault: “We are very pleased and honoured to be the sponsor of this scholarship contest. It is a great way for HE-5 to give back to the children of Carson City,Nevada, for the community’s support of our Overman Property mining project. As a socially responsible corporation, we believe that actively sponsoring these types of contests is a key element of our operational program.”

When I reached talked to the company’s vice president, Serge Ollu, in his Quebec office, he said their board of directors had been seeking a way to have a visible presence in the region in which it is doing business.

Suggestions such as contributing money to preserve historic cemeteries in the area were brought up, but the scholarship idea brought enthusiastic support from everyone. People around the table said ‘let’s put money into the future instead of putting it into the past,'” Ollu said. “


All the more interesting since Mr. Ollu was sued in 2002 for tuition fees that he owed to a private school attended by a family member, College Stanislas (Quebec Court docket: 500-22-0774622-021).

It’s unlikely that Mr. Ollu was forthcoming with that information or his recent (Quebec Court docket: 500-01-011104-038 -14 November 2006) fraud conviction (Section 380, Criminal Code) during his interview with the Nevada Appeal.

Mr. George Abisaleh (BD: 27 September 1976) a frequent blog visitor (IP: who enjoys speeding on Toronto roadways will be the subject of a blog report at a later time.

Needless to say, Mr. Abilaseh and Ollu have not been forthcoming about the source of the contest funding to the Nevada Appeal either.

Contest deadline is Oct. 22, 2007.

October 13, 2007

Three Card Monte

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The blog has received numerous visitors since it’s last post. Many of whom are persons which have been previously identified as members or close associates of the Cortellazzi Consortium.

During this absence, the blog has been delving ever deeper into present and past activities of the various members, information which shall be used in upcoming posts.

It appears that message board participants have concluded for some unknown reason that Mr. Marcel Roy, the focus of the blog’s 6 October 2007 item is still awaiting trial in regards to his 2004 arrest and not a convicted felon.

Mr. Roy (BD: 6 October 1946) was acquitted for some charges laid by the Surete du Quebec on 12 March 2004 (Quebec Court docket: 200-01-088126-044) prior to his arrest on 17 March 2007 .

However, the Surete du Quebec laid more detailed charges in relation to the Pyramid Scheme (206 (01) e) Criminal Code) on 17 June 2004 (Quebec Court docket: 200-01-090312-046).

Mr. Roy pled guilty to those charges on 21 October 2004 and received a $36,000.00 fine with a 24 month probation.

Mr. Roy is scheduled to appear in Court concerning the probation matter (Quebec Court docket : 200-01-117056-071) this 1 November 2007.

Having provided this clarification, the blog will proceed to review and discuss other events concerning the Flim Flam Man (Mr. Roy) and his apprentice grifter (Jean- Claude Dentinger).

However, before the blog delves further it is important for the reader to take note of a key event which occurred at the same time which Mr. Roy was arrested in 2004.

At the time Mr. Roy was arrested in March 2004, media reports indicated that he worked for “Groupe Le Mesnil” .

Groupe Le Mesnil was a firm of mining prospectors in Quebec City. The firm was dissolved in June 2005.

Mr. Roy one of the defendants (many of which were former Groupe le Mesnil members) in a lawsuit undertaken (Quebec Court docket: 500-17-016968-037 ) in August 2003 by 9096-9031 Québec Inc., Exploration Nid’Or (2000) Inc. concerning the ownership of claims , a letter of intent, transfer of claims and a TSX V company:

“9096-9031 Québec Inc., Exploration Nid’Or (2000) Inc. v. Daniel Champagne, Les Huit Prospecteurs Inc., Gary Allan, Laurent Beaudoin, Marcel Roy, Guy Drouin, Ministère des richesses naturelles, de la faune et des parcs

Plaintiff, Exploration Nid’Or (2000) Inc. («Nid’Or»), is a private company involved in mining exploration and exploitation in the province of Quebec. Defendant Daniel Champagne (“Champagne”) is its sole director.

Nid’Or is the sole owner of mining concessions 315 and 395. Its titles are registered with the Quebec government.

On February 6, 2003, plaintiff 9096-9031 Quebec Inc. (“9096”) signed a letter of intent regarding the purchase of all the shares of Nid’Or.

The anticipated scenario, with the underlying intent of acquiring the two mining concessions, was that 9096 sign a letter of intent to purchase all the shares of Nid’Or and then assigns all its rights and interest in the shares to Belleterre Resources Inc. (“Belleterre”). Then, Enviropave International would purchase all the shares of Belleterre.

An essential element for the purchase of the shares of Nid’Or was that Enviropave, a venture capital company, be registered with the Toronto Stock Exchange («TSX»), qualified and authorized by the latter to raise capital and exploit the two mining concessions. This condition was not fulfilled.

Thus, on July 21, 2003, Nid’Or, represented by its president, agreed to sell the mining concessions 315 and 395 to defendant Les Huit Prospecteurs Inc. (“Prospecteurs”).

Taking for granted that it owns all the shares of Nid’Or, 9096 claims the right to be declared owner of the mining concessions 315 and 395. It also request the cancellation of any sale transaction and that the seizure before judgment be declared valid.

The Court must first determine if the effect of the letter of intent was to transfer the ownership of the shares. The Court concludes that the letter of intent was a conditional prior contract, which may lead to an eventual transfer of the shares. There was no transfer and Champagne is still the only shareholder of Nid’Or.

The Court also concludes that the agreement between Nid’Or and Prospecteurs regarding the sale of the mining concessions occurred in July 2003, while the Inspector general had stricken off the registration of 9096 for failing to file annual declarations, thus dissolving the company.

The motion is denied. “

The case was brought to appeal in March 2004 by the plaintiffs (Quebec Court docket: 500-09-014268-049), however it failed in June 2006.

Much of which sounds all too familiar when reading UMining press releases which have been touting TSX V acquisitions.

With this legal experience and knowledge in hand, the plan was underway.

On 19 July 2006, M45 (then Quantitative Methods, Corp) issued a rather innocuous press release simply stating:

Quantitative Methods, Corp. in Negotiations to Acquire Mineral Claims

Acquisition to Be Cornerstone of Company’s New Corporate Strategy

Quantitative Methods, Corp. (OTCBB: QTTME), today announced that it is in the advanced stages of negotiations with a Canadian Corporation to acquire several mineral claims. The claims are in a prime location that is characterised by high-grade mineral reserves. These acquisitions will be made with the understanding that the Canadian Corporation will leverage its extensive expertise as a mineral exploration and development company and function as the operator of the mining projects, and QTTME’s role will be one of a passive investor. Once finalized, this acquisition will be the foundation of the Company’s new corporate strategy which is to maximize shareholder value by investing in high revenue and cash flow potential mining projects. Further details on this acquisition will be furnished to shareholders upon the signing of the formal contract.

For more information, please contact Paul Vigneault at (514) 244-9988 or via e-mail at

Shortly thereafter, another press release was issued:

“Quantitative Methods, Corp. Signs MoU to Acquire Mineral Claims
Acquisition to Be Finalized Within the Next 30 Days

NEW YORK, NY — (MARKET WIRE) — 07/25/06 — Quantitative Methods, Corp. (OTCBB: QTTME), today announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a Canadian Corporation to acquire several mining claims. These claims are in a prime location that is characterised by high-grade mineral reserves. The MOU is subject to an evaluation of the property and shareholder approval of the acquisition. The two parties aim to complete the due diligence process and sign the formal purchase agreement within the next 30 days. For more information please contact Paul Vigneault at (514) 244-9988 or via e-mail at”

Days later, Serge Ollu incorporated BETA INDUSTRIES S.A. CORPORATION in Nevada.

In October 2006, He-5 Resources announces it has acquired claims in area 32F12.

Interestingly, Mr. Cortellazzi acquires (see graphic below) through Coastal Holdings the base camp for upcoming operations (1212 Redpath Crescent) and having pushed out Dr. Joel Fournier in October 2006, the Consortium was now in firm control of UMining’s predecessor Globex Inc.


In December, Mr. Roy in concert with a relative (Marie Andree Raynault) of Mr. Ollu’s wife (Denyse Raynault) proceedes to register (12 December 2006) a company called “Exploration Miniere Grenville”.

Since the Ethanol (Globex) project had not been fully successful and another scam, He-5 Resources (Ollu) had been successful, the focus of operations would fully shift to mining.

He-5 having already announced in October 2006 that it had acquired 176 mining claims in Northern Quebec (32F12) and comforted by the fact that a language barrier would prevent prying eyes from doing any significant research in Quebec, the Consortium proceeded with the next stage.

Press releases were issued in late January 2007 by M45 Mining (then Quantitative Methods Corp) and UMining (then Globex) a day apart.

The January 2007, M45 press release stated an acquisition of 292 mining claims identified the claims area 32F12, which the same area as the October 2006 He-5 press release. The January 2007 press release however goes on to say the vendor is Mr. Roy’s “Exploration Minière Grenville Inc.,” .

The M45 press release gives current UMining CEO Jean Michel De Montigny’s alias “John Michaels” as the Investment Relations contact:

“Mr. John Michaels, Investor Relations at (514) 812-4568 or via email at”

The UMining January 2007 press release while stating it is in “negotiations with prominent geologists in the Uranium Mining Industry to acquire a total of 200 claims in the Northern area of the Province of Quebec, Canada.” it is less than forthcoming about the location of the claims.

In a later press release, UMining states it had acquired even more claims and identifies the claims area as being 24L01:

“NEW YORK, NY — (MARKET WIRE) — January 31, 2007 — Globex, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GLXI) today announced that it has finalized the acquisition of 222 Uranium Mining Claims in the Province of Quebec, Canada. The Claims are located about 200 miles south of the Ungava Bay, North of Quebec, near the town of Tasjujaq. They are situated in the 24L01 area adjacent to the exploration sites owned by two mining corporations, namely Uranor Inc. and Canadian Royalties Inc.”

Since the January 2007 press releases, UMining has only registered 27 claims all of which are in a different area (31J14).

However, the Flim Flam Man (Mr. Roy) and his apprentice grifter (Mr. Dentinger) do have claims registered in 24L01 (see graphic below) which correspond to the location identified in the UMining 31 January 2007 press release as ” situated in the 24L01 area adjacent to the exploration sites owned by two mining corporations, namely Uranor Inc. and Canadian Royalties Inc. ” :


It has come to the attention of the blog that area 24L01 was to be the focus of an unreleased UMining press release which bears the issuance date of 10 October 2007, 8.30 AM which was drafted on 8 October 2007.

UMining does not currently have and has yet to register claims in 24 L01 since the issuance of the press release in January 2007.

The Consortium did however release a M45 Mining press release on 9 October 2007, in which the Flim Flam man (Mr. Roy) and his apprentice grifter (Mr. Dentinger) appear once again as “Miniere Grenville”:

“MONTREAL–(Marketwire – October 9, 2007) – M45 Mining Resources Inc. (OTCBB: MRES) today announced that it has finalized the acquisition of 160 mining titles covering a total area of 8,935 Hectares in the East area of the Matagami Mining Camp. The mining titles were acquired from “Miniere Grenville,” a Canadian Corporation, for a total consideration of One Million Two Hundred and fifty thousand dollars payable in common shares. This acquisition is a key milestone of the “East Wind” phase of the Company’s business development program. “

The blog refers the reader to the graphic below in order to note the current locations of the claims and their registered owners in areas 32F12 and 32F13.


The graphic identifies the current location of mining titles registered by Marcel Roy, Jean Claude Dentinger, M45 Mining and He-5 Resources. Also identified is the location of the claims for both NI 43-101 geologist reports issued by M45 and He-5 Resources previously reviewed on the blog.

Even more interesting is the fact that He-5 Resources is currently not registered as owner of the mining claims for which a recent geologist report was issued and discussed on this blog. The geologist report issued for Izza Minerals (a wholly owned subsidiary of He-5 Resources) which is written in French concerns claims in 31I16.

However, the ever present Flim Flam Man (Mr. Roy) does own 157 claims titles in area 31I16 through the intermediary of the ever present “Exploration Miniere Grenville”.

This being said, in order to understand how the Three Card Monte claims shuffle is being conducted you must recall the 2004 judgment which Mr. Roy and his group benefited.

Mr. Roy has been putting his legal knowledge of letters of intent to shuffle the claims titles around.

On 13 February 2007, Umining (then Globex) issued a Press Release in which the apprentice grifter figured prominently, the acquisition of the claims in 24L01 (discussed above) were subject to a “letter of intent”:

“NEW YORK, Feb. 13 /-/ – Globex, Inc. (GLXI: Pink Sheets), today announced that it has signed a letter of intent for the acquisition of 109 claims near the town of Tasjujaq in Northern Quebec, Canada. The Operations team is continually searching for and evaluating additional mining claims that may be acquired, in order to build a substantial asset base in the in the Northern Quebec uranium sector.

This region has significant proven Uranium reserves, and major players including Uranor Inc. and Canadian Royalties Inc are already exploring sites in the area surrounding Globex’s claims.

Lead Project Manager Mr. Detinger stated: “We are very fortunate to be in the process of securing these valuable uranium mining claims.”

Mr. Detinger went on to state: “Once we start rolling out the drilling equipment, we will move systematically from the areas further north to the southern region. Secondly, our initial exploration drilling will be concentrated in the key areas where our data revealed the presence of a large number of conductive responses occurring as conductive zones.”

A few months later, the He-5 Resources geologist report also discusses claims (31I16) which are subject to “letters of intent”:

IZZA a signé une lettre d’intention exprimant son désir d’acquérir un intérêt de 100% dans
la propriété minière Montauban. Le présent rapport va servir de base de négociation pour déterminer la valeur de la transaction entre IZZA Minéraux Inc. et Exploration Minière Grenville Inc.. “

A M45 press release issued on 25 April 2007 also mentions a “letter of intent” with “Miniere Grenville” for area 32F12:

NEW YORK, April 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ – M45 Mining Resources Inc., (OTC BB:MRES.OB – News), today announced that it has signed a letter of intent with ‘Miniere Grenville’ a Canadian Corporation, to acquire 40 new Mining Titles (120 Claims) covering a total surface area of 22 square kilometers. The properties are situated on the east side of Matagami Mining Camp adjacent to properties owned by Falconbridge/Xstrada.

M45 has commenced the implementation of its 4 phase strategic growth program, which initially involves the expansion of its asset base in the Matagami Camp with an overall goal of leveraging the value of each properties’ proven reserves in order to enhance shareholder value.

M45 has named this strategic acquisition area the ‘EAST WIND’ and the Company is in the process of negotiating for the purchase of additional Titles in this specific area of the Camp.

The 25 April 2007 press release concerning the same “East Wind” area (32 F12) as the latest 9 October 2007 press release declare that M45 owns 200 mining titles. However, the fact is that as of today, M45 has registered only 174 mining titles and these are all located in areas 32F11 and 32F12.

By far the most interesting document between M45 (then QMC) and Exploration Miniere Grenville (EMG) is the 17 January 2007 contract which is filed with the SEC.

The document states (SEC graphic appears after text):

EMG will sell a total of 292 Mining Claims territory as described in addendum (1 A) and located in the Matagami Camp, Province of Quebec in and or around designated territory 32 f.

The designated claims represents an aggregate sum of $4,500,000 dollars US (four million five hundred thousand).

In return

(QMC) will: Pay the sum of $4,500,000 USD (four million five hundred thousand) as follows:


By issuing a total of 909,090 restricted shares of QMC common stock at the valued price of $2.75 USD a share for a total value $2,500,000 USD. These sahers will be issued upon approval of the transaction by Governing and Regulating Authorities.

2. Cash

The sum of $2,000,000 USD (two million USD) on completion of the drilling programs.


However, the SEC filing does NOT CONTAIN THE ADDENDUM which has all the claims location information.

The Consortium used the same tactic when they issued the M45 geological report.

One of the more interesting features of all the Cortellazzi Consortium press releases is the extensive use of names of bonafide mining operations to support the press releases:

Umining – “The claims are located in the 24L01 area adjacent to the existing “Uranor Inc.” exploitation premises “

Umining- ” In 2006, several companies were active in the Otish Mountains area, including Cameco(the world’s largest low-cost uranium producer, with a 20% market share) and junior Strateco Resources Inc. The promising results obtained by Strateco Resources on the Matoush property highlight the potential of vein-type mineralization associated with a shear zone in sedimentary rocks.”

M45 Mining – ” The mining claims are located adjacent to the Perseverance Zinc mine owned by Xstrata plc, the world’s fifth-largest diversified mining company by market capitalization”

HE-5 Resources – “pleased to announce the acquisition of claims in the Matagami Mining Camp, Quebec; located adjacent to the Perseverance zinc mine owned by Falconbridge Limited, subsidiary of Xstrata plc. HE-5 has completed the acquisition of 176 mining claims covering an area of 70 square miles in the Matagami Mining Camp. The Company plans to acquire additional claims that would more than double its current interest in this prolific mining camp.”

The purpose of which is to suggest that since these claims are purposely located next to bonafide mining companies which have millions invested in order to camouflage the fact that these Cortellazzi Consortium claims were acquired for a very modest amount and are basically worthless.

Of all the geological reports previously discussed, none has ever suggested any of the claims had any immediate value.

The Flim Flam Man, his apprentice grifter and the Consortium are indeed experts in the art of slight of hand.

All the more disturbing is the fact while Mr. Roy and Mr. Ollu were moving forward unabated and actively conspiring in this current fraud, they were appearing before Criminal Courts for previous crimes.

Soon after the current plan had been orchestrated in July 2006, a clearly unrepentant Serge Ollu appeared before a Judge on 14 November 2006 and pled guilty to fraud :Quebec Court docket: 500-01-011104-038.

On 14 June 2007 charges were being laid against the unremorseful fraudster Marcel Roy concerning his breach of probation on 2 December 2006 (Quebec Court docket: 200-01-117056-071).

This being said Three Card Monte anyone ?

October 7, 2007

Tell Me Who Your Friends Are And I Will Tell You Who You Are

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The blog takes this opportunity to publish more significant and compelling information uncovered through of the Quebec Court record database concerning the recent activities of Andrea Cortellazzi, Serge Ollu and Jean Michel de Montigny.

Andrea Michael Cortellazzi (BD: 1 July 1955)

During the 1980’s Mr. Cortellazzi had been sued on several occasions in civil court.

However, Mr. Cortellazzi’s legal education really began during the 1990’s.

In June 1990, the Toronto Dominion Bank undertook legal proceedings to foreclose on one of Mr. Cortellazzi’s properties. The bank sued his wife, then owner Giovanna Raso (Quebec Court docket: 700-05-000884-902) by serving the writ on Ms. Raso in Ottawa at 556 Laurier Ave, suite 2205.

In 1992, Mr. Cortellazzi’s wife, Giovanna Raso undertook divorce proceedings (Quebec Court docket:500-12-203791-920) against Mr. Cortellazzi which for all intense and purpose appears to have been launched as a creditor avoidance strategy. Giovanna Raso, operated JRC Realty Consulting with Mr. Cortellazzi in Ottawa, was convicted in February 1993 of carrying on a business as a mortgage broker.

Things didn’t improve much in September 1992 when the law firm representing the Cortelazzi’s interests undertook legal proceedings to collect their fees (Quebec court docket: 500-02-027510-929).

In 1998, Mr. Cortellazzi was charged with fraud (Section 380 Criminal Code), (Quebec Court docket: 540-01-009652-986) a crime for which he pleaded guilty. In August 2004, the Court ordered that he provide restitution ($ 19,505.07 ) and a 2 year suspended sentence.

During this period, Mr. Cortellazzi was charged again (Quebec Court docket: 500-01-000422011), on this occasion he was charged with counseling someone to commit a crime (Section 464 a) Criminal Code). The charge was not sustained.

By 2000, Mr. Cortellazzi had become quite skilled in handling creditors and juggling legal matters.

One of the more interesting cases during this period is a lawsuit undertaken in 2002 by 148646 Canada Inc. & Structures et Composantes Avtech Inc. (Quebec Court docket : 505-22-008304-026). While the amount is rather insignificant compared with other law suits, the litigation subject is revealing. It concerns activities at the St-Hubert airport before the mythical St-Hubert project was announced by Cort-Dev.

In November 2002, the Quebec taxation agency (Revenu Quebec) issued an assessment certificate (Quebec Court docket: 500-02-112869-024) which he skilfully avoided in paying for over 2 years.

In 2003, Mr. Cortellazzi was sued for $332,000.00 (Quebec Court docket: 500-17-014362-035) the matter was settled out of court in November 2005, just before it went to trial.

Serge Ollu (BD: 2 March 1946)

Mr. Ollu’s legal record read much like Mr. Cortellazzi’s with significant legal proceedings during the 1980’s and 90’s.

The 90’s were tumultuous years for Mr. Ollu, during this time he was charged with uttering false documents (Section 368, Criminal Code) and fraud (Section 380, Criminal Code) (Quebec Court docket: 500-01-008252-956) and was acquitted 2 years later in September 1997.

Mr. Ollu has gone bankrupt on 2 occasions, in 1984 ( Quebec Court docket: 500-11-002026-843) and 1996 (Quebec Court docket: 500-11-005189-960).

Mr. Ollu like his associate Mr. Cortellazzi also appears to have used divorce proceedings in a creditor avoidance strategy, He-5 Resources CEO, Denyse Raynault (Ollu’s wife) undertook the proceedings in 1997 (Quebec Court docket: 500-12-235343-971) however, only one document appears to have been ever filed.

In 2002, things appear to have gone downhill for a short time. Mr. Ollu was being sued for tuition fees by a private school attended by a family member. College Stanislas (Quebec Court docket: 500-22-0774622-021).

In 2003, the Royal Bank of Canada undertook legal proceedings to collect $161,137.10 (Quebec Court docket: 500-17-017431-035), the matter was settled after the Royal Bank executed its judgment by seizing assets in June 2005. The Royal Bank of Canada undertook more legal proceedings in 2005 (Quebec Court docket: 500-17-026587-058).

In July 2003, the Surete du Quebec once again presented criminal charges for fraud (Section 380, Criminal Code) (Quebec Court docket: 500-01-011104-038).

However, on this occasion Mr. Ollu wasn’t as fortunate, he pleaded guilty on 14 November 2006 to the fraud charge (the other 2, obtaining credit by a false pretence and having equipment used to commit forgery were dropped).

Jean Michel de Montigny

Jean Michel de Montigny appears to have received far less personal legal proceedings.

Proceedings mostly revolve around GSI technologies and when it was active.

One recent case, Jacques Biron vs GSI Technologies et al. (Quebec Court docket: 500-05-058197-003) for which a $98,766.00 judgment was rendered in January 2007.

It appears, that a Court seizure writ was issued just recently on 22 August 2007 in this case against some of the co-defendants, no other information is available at this time.

The Business Development Bank of Canada (Quebec Court docket: 500-22-102854-042) undertook legal proceedings against Mr. De Montigny in April 2005, it obtained judgment in November of the same year. No information is available in regards to the satisfaction of this outstanding judgment.

On 28 August 2007, these 3 men filed a document with the SEC in regards to M45 Mining (below, click to enlarge) :

Of these 3 men, 2 (Cortellazzi, Ollu) have recent fraud convictions and the other (De Montigny) has strong ties to organized crime.

Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are…

October 6, 2007

The Flim-Flam Man And His Apprentice Grifter

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Two names which frequently appear in the current UMining, M45 Mining and He-5 Resources ventures are Mr. Marcel Roy and Jean-Claude Dentinger, both are residents of Quebec City.

Both men have a significant number claims in their name and both names have appeared in NI-43-101 geologist reports, press releases and other documentation for UMining, M45 Mining and He-5 Resources (Izza Minerals).

The blog has previously discussed the claims and the geologist reports and refers the reader to previous entries for more specific information.

Little is published by UMining, M45 Mining and He-5 Resources (Izza Minerals) concerning the two “prospector” claim title owners and it is little wonder why they haven’t.

Of the two, Mr. Dentinger is the Apprentice Grifter.

Mr. Dentinger was a longtime restaurant owner who declared bankruptcy in 1986 (Quebec Court docket: 200-11-000746-86). In 1998, Mr. Dentinger was sued in Montreal by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce for a relatively modest sum (Quebec Court docket: 500-22-025630-982) and more recently in 2007 by Mr. Daniel Drolet in Quebec City (Quebec Court docket:200-22-042731-075).

Mr. Marcel Roy is without a doubt the master, he’s the Flim Flam Man.

Mr. Roy can attribute his success in the current scam largely to the fact that he’s relatively unknown outside of Quebec.

Mr. Roy (BD: 6 October 1946) lists his current address in a pending criminal proceeding for which he is charged (Quebec Court docket : 200-01-117056-071 – failing to comply with a probation order) as 2277 Neptune, Quebec City.

2277 Neptune, Quebec City also appears in GESTIM under Mr. Roy’s name.

Mr. Roy also appears in GESTIM as the contact person for He-5 Resources and UMining:

Name : HE 5 Mining corporation inc. (80024)
Address : Marcel Roy 2533 North Carson Street, Suite 1934
City : Carson City
Province : Nevada
Country : États-Unis
Postal Code : 89706

Name : U Mining Resources Inc (80336)
Address : c/o Marcel Roy 6445 South Chickasaw trail Suite 139
City : Orlando
Province : Floride
Country : États-Unis
Postal Code : 32829

Mr. Roy also appears as the contact person for Exploration Miniere Grenville (a company which Mr. Roy is an officer) which is often mentioned in M45 Mining SEC filings and geologist 43-101 reports:

Address : 2277 DE NEPTUNE
City : Québec
Province : Québec
Country : Canada
Postal Code : G2E 6A3

Mr. Roy (the 2004 police identification photo appears below) and his wife were both arrested in 2004 for running a very elaborate Pyramid Scheme which had been under observation by the Quebec Provincial Police (Surete du Quebec) for over 2 years.


The Surete du Quebec had issued warnings in 2003 concerning the pyramid scheme and posted the Montreal and Quebec City phone numbers which victims could report the crime.

Amazingly, the pyramid scheme brazenly moved forward in spite of the investigation and media alert.

Mr. Roy and his wife Johanne O’Brien considered by the Surete du Quebec as the crime bosses of this scheme in Quebec were arrested at their home (seen in the picture below) on 17 March 2004 .


After their arrest, Mr. Roy repeatedly uttered to media reporters the pyramid scheme was legal, his wife stated sarcastically that with all the media coverage she was a movie star.

The pyramid scheme widely known as Cherry Report and more commonly known in Quebec as La Moisson and Gaia began in Alberta and moved it’s way eastwards to Quebec.


The Quebec media dubbed the matter “L’affaire La Moisson” and it drew this considerable media coverage owing to the sheer scale of the scheme.

According to one television media report in March 2004 the scheme claimed over 10 thousand victims.

Amongst the accused was a former politician who pleaded guilty in November 2004. Things began to unravel rather quickly thereafter when one of the main players, Gabrielle Théorêt pleaded guilty in December 2004, she received a very light sentence and 2 years probation.

However, this was just the beginning of a huge mess.

Victims of the pyramid scheme had been told at recruiting sessions their investments were TAX FREE.

Revenu Quebec, the Provincial agency responsible for taxation had a very different opinion, in June 2005 it issued a press release stating that 22 million in taxable gains were owing by participants of the pyramid scheme and it was issuing assessment notices to this effect.

The arbitrary government notice spawned two advocacy groups: and

Mr. Roy is scheduled to appear in Court concerning in the probation matter (Quebec Court docket : 200-01-117056-071) this 1 November 2007.


October 2, 2007

The Fear of Getting Caught

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Many visitors have visited the blog since the last post.

Many of the IP’s come from the areas of persons who have received the blog’s attention and observations.

A French Internet Cafe IP (, Montreal IP’s, which resolve in the area of 1212 Redpath Crescent (,,, a Toronto IP ( which has logged many hours at regular intervals, one Orlando, Florida IP ( visited 11 times in less than 1 hour.

With so many Florida IP’s recently showing up on this blog, it’s unlikely that Jean Michel De Montigny, Dr. Jean Paul Cajolais and Jean Minville’s Florida firm The Broker Co (which is currently the address for UMining’s HQ) has fully closed down as one message board poster has recently insinuated.

Leaving shareholders with dead end phone numbers and contact address to easily reach the company has been a tactic used by Cortellazzi Consortium member Serge Ollu of He-5 Resources.

After months of hiding behind a Nevada phone number, one investor managed to reach Serge Ollu’s office. This was achieved by calling the Montreal office of Mr. Cortellazzi’s Coastal Holdings:


I called 514-288-0888 and talked to a guy names Michael Forte. Told him the web site was down. He said he was surprised (HA!). I asked for Serge. He said he wasn’t available (HA!) but that he had been down to Nevada and that HRRN had spent $300,000 (HAHA!!) on drilling and that there would be a PR soon. he gave his e-mail address as

I told him that investors were concerned that the HRRN web site and other Olle/Reynault sites were coming down. He feigned ignorancea and said he’d get on it right away, but he sounded peeved.

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! What a joke. Can’t believe someone actually answered the phone. Does ANYONE believe that they spent 300K on drilling???

The person taking the message, promptly gave the email address:

The email address also appeared on early UMining press releases (then Globex Inc.) :

“Contact: Globex, Inc. Michel Benoit Ph# (514) 288-8494 E-mail: URL:”

Many other Sympatico email accounts appear in various Cortellazzi venture press releases:


Sympatico is a Canadian Internet Service Provider which is owned by Bell Canada.

This blog has received numerous visits by Montreal area Sympatico IP’s :,,, which all resolve in the area of 1212 Redpath Crescent.

Many of the IP’s isolated to the 1212 Redpath Crescent area received by the blog can be viewed on this graphic (click to enlarge):


” Greed and fear, it’s said, are the forces that drive Wall Street. When the desire for gain exceeds the fear of getting caught, and no inner voice objects, the stage is set for scandal.”

The Fear of Getting Caught

September 29, 2007

Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave

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The Cortellazzi Consortium operations span many countries and this is intentional.

Law enforcement agencies and securities regulators are efficient within their own jurisdiction, however when a scam spans so many jurisdictions the system breaks down due to the lack of inter jurisdictional cooperation, moreover white collar crime isn’t very high on the priority list for the agencies having the required international reach .

Of course, more knowledgeable bandits like the Cortellazzi Consortium are quite aware of this and manage to evade authorities for very long periods by using international borders and the Internet as shields.

The Cortellazzi Consortium is by far one of the more successful international operations as can been seen with Jean Michel De Montingny’s (GSI Technologies) and Andrea Cortellazzi’s Coastal Holdings which began as Pro-Active Computer Services.

In order for the Consortium to implement it’s communications program it needs a web presence.

To this end, the Cortellazzi Consortium has relied heavily on a Montreal company called Dimmax to create it’s web sites.

Interestingly, Dimmax doesn’t list any of the Cortellazzi Consortium creations as their clients, however many of them appear in the Dimmax web host folder located at : UMining : He-5 Resources Quantitative Methods Corporation, M45 Mining’s predecessor : Coastal Holdings/Canadian Blue Gold Izza Minerals (no longer available) : Sandoil Fuels : Canadian American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida Co New Trends Franchise Group

The web host is located in Canada (Beaumont, Alberta) and lists this Domain Name Server:

Dimmax is listed as the contact for Umining and M45 Mining, both domain names were registered just days apart (click on graphics to enlarge) :


UMining – 23 January 2007


M45 Mining – 19 January 2007

This being said, it is worth noting that in April 2007, logos and graphics for many of the above mentioned companies could be found in the UMining website image folder (see graphic below, click to enlarge):


Interestingly, many of the graphics which appear the Umining folder are for Trimax Capital Group of Calgary, Alberta.

In a March 2007 UMining (then Globex) press release, Trimax Capital Group was said to have many sources of financing:

“Trimax Capital Group LTD specializes in financing natural resource projects in the oil and gas and mining fields. Trimax’s financing program is offered in collaboration with companies such as: Nomura, Pali Capital, Dresdner Bank, JJ Wall, and Bear Stearns among others financial organizations. For further information on Trimax visit:”

Logos for Trimax Capital Group, Pali Capital, Dresdner Bank, Bear Stearns appear on in the UMining image folder.

JJ Wall which appears in the press release and for which the image folder does not have a logo is JJ Wall Resources Inc. a Cortellazzi Nevada shell corporation which lists its address as “61 SHADT TREE LANE, CARSON CITY” is actually 61 Shady Tree Lane, an address shared, with Serge Ollu’s (Denyse Raynault) He-5 Resources.

Ties between Trimax and UMining were purportedly severed in a May 2007 press release. One of the interested parties in Trimax was Mr. Nicholas Djokich.

Mr. Djokich’s bio stated:

“Nicholas Djokich, a successful businessman, has a career spanning over 30 years in commodities trading where he has developed a unique talent in the capital markets that has assisted him in achieving his goals. Mr. Djokich brings to the Trimax Capital Group extensive experience in the capital markets, valuable contacts, innovative ideas and leadership that is all instrumental to the achievement of the corporation’s vision and goals. Mr. Djokich has founded a number of trading companies that have proven to be beneficial to the agriculture industry in Alberta and Quebec. Together with a vast knowledge of the resource sector, and an extensive financial and technological background, Mr. Djokich is poised to lead Trimax Capital Group to success.”

Mr. Djokich like his Montreal associates has an interesting past:

“MONTREAL, QUEBEC–The Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) announced today that Nick Djokich, a meat broker, has been found guilty of tax evasion at the Montreal Court House.”

The Trimax website was hosted on another web host:

For future reference, please note the Trimax hyperlink bears the name “Cedric” and that the Trimax website is no longer active:

However the person of interest of this item is not Dimmax as Dimmax is a web design company, not a webmaster. The webmaster role belongs to another Cortellazzi facilitator by the name of Cedric Chen who works out of Paris and Aubervilliers, France.

Mr. Chen is proprietor Accessories Trade mark (ATM-E. Com) and ChineFrance ( (both web registrations appear below, click to enlarge graphics.)



Mr. Chen’s business web site lists both addresses (seen in graphic below, click to enlarge):


The hyperlink for M45 Mining :

bears Mr. Chen’s name and hosted on by the same web hosting service as all the others, just on a different server:

Mr. Chen is one of the frequent visitors to this blog: IP in Paris, IP in Aubervilliers and most recently an Internet cafe in Paris, IP .

Mr. Chen is not alone as you will see from the graphic below, many familiar names closely associated with the Cortellazzi Consortium have recently been visiting the blog as well (click on the graphic to enlarge):


Oh! what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive!

September 23, 2007

The Facilitators – Part 1

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A well run scam often needs a reputable person or a corporation who willingly or unknowingly serves to validate the fraudulent activities.

These are the Facilitators.

This item is the 1st of 3 parts. Parts 2 and 3 appear in sequential order after this item in order to facilitate reading.

In August, Canadian Blue Gold which operates under the Coastal Holdings stock symbol COHG announced that a reputable attorney had joined the Board.

However, mere weeks later the appointed attorney wisely bowed out of the appointment:

“Correction: On August 20, 2007 the Company announced the appointment of Mr. Luc Bellemare, attorney, as Chairman of the Board. The announcement was not approved by Mr. Bellemare who declined the offer. Management would like to apologize for this error and ensure that this unfortunate misinterpretation is corrected. “

Using a person or corporation of repute is a consistent modus operandi with Cortellazzi ventures.

Which serves as the backdrop for today’s entry.

During the past months, a series of geologist reports have been commissioned by the Cortallazzi Consortium for UMining, He-5 Resources and M45 Mining.

The reports known as NI43-101’s are important independent technical reports relied upon by mining investors to assess the value of the corporations claims and investment potential:

National Instrument 43-101 (NI 43-101) is a rule developed by the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) and administered by the provincial securities commissions that govern how issuers disclose scientific and technical information about their mineral projects to the public. It covers oral statements as well as written documents and websites. It requires that all disclosure be based on advice by a “qualified person” and in some circumstances that the person be independent of the issuer and the property.

The Cortellazzi ventures have now issued 4 such reports.

M45 Mining (8 June 2007), He-5 Resources (24 July 2007) , Izza Minerals Inc. which is a wholly owned subsidiary of He-5 Resources (31 July 2007) and most recently UMining (17 September 2007).It is worth mentioning before undertaking the review of the reports, that 3 of the 4 reports have been prepared by one geologist firm, InnovExplo and this firm has recently been selected as the supervisors of an expensive drilling program recommended by one of their reports.

The NI 43-101 report for Izza Minerals is written in French which is unsual to say the least considering the company who owns it doesn’t trade on the Canadian market, it trades exclusively on the US OTC.

Another interesting discrepancy in the Izza NI43-101 report is when the geologist purports to have received the mandate to prepare it.

The report is dated 31 July 2007, however the geologist states emphatically to have received a mandate from Izza Minerals Inc. on the 1 July 2006, a year earlier:

“Le 1er juillet 2006, IZZA MINÉRAUX INC., de la ville de Québec, a mandaté Christian Derosier Géologue-Conseil Inc. (“C.D.G.C.”) pour effectuer une révision and évaluation de la propriété Montauban que la Société désire acquérir de deux prospecteurs de Québec. La propriété Montauban est située dans les Cantons de Grondines-Ouest, Chavigny et de Montauban, Province de Québec, Canada (Figures No 1 et 2). ”

The report goes on to state that it preceeded to begin it archival search on 2 July 2006 and later accompanied Mr. Jean Claude Dentinger, vice-president of Izza Minerals Inc. on a site visit on 29 July 2006:
C.D.G.C. Inc. a débuté sa recherche d’archives le 2 juillet 2006, et visité le groupe de claims et les anciens travaux. La propriété a été re-visitée le 29 juillet 2006 en présence de Mr Jean-Claude Dentinger, vice-président de IZZA MINÉRAUX INC.

The report goes on to say, to confirm the ownership of the claims which are jointly held by Jean-Claude Dentinger and Marcel Roy:

“C.D.G.C. a examiné un minimum de correspondance, cartes pertinentes et ententes pour établir la validité et la propriété des permis d’exploration. De plus, C.D.G.C. a procédé à une revue en profondeur des titres miniers et de leur propriété. En conséquence, il est de l’opinion de C.D.G.C. que tous les titres miniers sont actuellement la propriété de deux prospecteurs: Messieurs Jean-Claude Dentinger et Marcel Roy, et qu’ils sont en bonne et due forme.”

It would have been impossible for this geologist to have received a mandate from Izza Minerals anytime in 2006 since Izza Minerals Inc. was incorporated much later, on 22 May 2007 and registered in Quebec on 13 June 2007.

The report does identify by who and when these 117 claims were acquired:

“Les claims de Mr J-C Dentinger ont été jalonné sur carte par voie électronique. Ils furent enregistrés dans les registres du Ministère en date du 5 juillet 2006 pour les claims 2019789 à 2019833 inclus, le 18 septembre 2006 pour les claims 2024952 à 2024959 inclus, et le 17 octobre 2006 pour les licenses 2029745 à 2029774 inclues. Le nombre total de claims propriétés de Mr Dentinger est de 78 titres.

Les claims de Mr Marcel Roy ont été également jalonnés sur carte et par voie électronique.

Ils furent enregistrés comme suit:

a) le 7 juillet 2006 pour les permis 2020464 à 2020468 inclus,
b) le 21 août 2006 pour les permis 2023926 à 2022930 inclus,
c) le 8 septembre 2006 pour les permis 2024297 à 2024302 inclus,
d) le 13 septembre 2006 pour les permis 2024611 à 2024618 inclus,
e) le 22 septembre 2006 pour les permis 2025782 à 2025796 inclus.

Le nombre total de titres détenus par Mr Roy se monte à 39. “

However, it does not explain when or how the vendor to the transaction Exploration Miniere Grenville (which Mr. Roy is an officer) came into possession of the claims, which the report states are being considered for acquisition by Izza Minerals Inc:

IZZA a signé une lettre d’intention exprimant son désir d’acquérir un intérêt de 100% dans
la propriété minière Montauban. Le présent rapport va servir de base de négociation pour déterminer la valeur de la transaction entre IZZA Minéraux Inc. et Exploration Minière Grenville Inc.. “

“Le Projet Montauban est une très grande propriété minière offerte à Izza Mineraux Inc. par Exploration Minière Grenville Inc. de Québec, pour une acquisition à 100% et autres considérations.”

Interestingly, the geologist then later certifies the transaction vendor is Izza Minerals Inc., NOT Exploration Miniere Grenville:

“Je suis responsable de la préparation du rapport technique intitulé: “Rapport technique
sur le Projet Montauban, Province de Québec, Canada” , daté du 31 juillet 2007, et couvrant les permis d’exploration que Exploration minière Grenville Inc. désire acquérir. J’ai visité la propriété à plusieurs reprises en 1999 et 2000 pour le compte ’une société d’exploration minière ainsi que le 29 juillet 2006 en compagnie des deux prospecteurs, ”

7 days after the report was signed, the 117 claims in the names of Dentinger and Roy appeared registered in GESTIM under the name of Exploration Miniere Grenville, not IZZA Minerals Inc.:

Izza Minerals Inc. has NO claims registered in GESTIM.

Part 1/3

The Facilitators – Part 2

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Having reviewed the Izza Minerals Inc. (31 July 2007) report it is time to move on to the InnovExplo reports of M45 Mining (8 June 2007) and He-5 Resources (24 July 2007).

Both are written by the same geologists for the same map areas (32F12 and 32F13) and during the same time frame.

M45 Mining

Interestingly, the earlier M45 Mining report has missing pages. The missing pages (pages 42 -47) are the list of 61 mining claims owned by the parties indicated in the report.

The report states InnovExplo was mandated by the ever-present Jean-Claude Dentinger, now a representative of M45 Mining:

” InnovExplo was mandated in March 2007 by Jean-Claude Dentinger, representative of M45 Mining Resources Inc., to complete an evaluation of the project and a Technical Report in compliance with Regulation 43-101 and Form 43-101F1 on the West Wind property situated in Matagami, Québec, Canada. M45 Mining Resources Inc. is an American mining exploration company and is dually quoted on the Pink Sheets Stock Exchange and OTC Bulletin Board Other OTC BB:MRES.OB). InnovExplo is an independent Consulting Firm in Mines and exploration based in Val-d’Or (Québec).”

Once again, Mr. Marcel Roy has claims registered in his name:

Claim status was supplied by Jean-Claude Dentinger, representative of M45 Mining
Resources Inc., and verified using GESTIM, the Québec government claims management system from the “Ministère des Ressources Naturelles, de la Faune et des Parcs”, accessible through the internet at the following address: ” “.

The West Wind property owned by M45 Mining Resources Inc. (formerly known as Quantitative Method Corporation) represents an area of 1,368.35 hectares (61 claims; purple outline in Figure 4.2). In GESTIM, sixty-one (61) mining titles (51 claims for 811.19 hectares and 10 cells for 557.16 hectares totalling 1368.35 hectares) are registered 100% to Quantitative Methods Corporation. According to Jean-Claude Dentinger, representative of M45 Mining Resources Inc., all these mining titles are without any royalties attached. On the West Wind property, thirty-two (39) other mining titles (15 cells for 835.5 hectares and 24 claims for 363.37 hectares totalling 1198.87 hectares) are owned HE-5 Resources Corporation. In GESTIM, thirty-two (32) mining titles (24 claims for 363.37 hectares and 8 cells for 445.6 hectares totalling 808.97 hectares) are registered 100% to Ressources Minières Andreane inc. and seven (7) cells (389.9 hectares) are currently registered 100% to Marcel Roy. According to Jean-Claude Dentinger, also representative of HE-5 Resources Corporation, all these mining titles are presently under transfer to HE-5 Resources Corporation without any royalties attached. HE-5 Resources Corporation mining titles are illustrated with a grey outline in Figure 4.2.

There is no known land claim or ownership dispute with the West Wind property. It should be noted that the West Wind property has two owners (HE-5 Resources Corporation and M45 Mining Resources Inc).

According to Jean-Claude Dentinger, also representative of M45 Mining Resources Inc, exploration programs on the West Wind property may be jointly conducted with M45 Mining Resources Inc.

The entire West Wind property (M45 Mining Resources Inc and HE-5 Resources Corporation) represents an area of 2,567.22 hectares (one hundred (100) mining titles). Ninety-four (94) mining titles are contiguous and cover a surface area of 2,242.96 hectares. Six (6) mining titles are isolated from the main group of claims and represent an area of 324.26 hectares (Figure 4.2). Detailed list of mining titles, ownership and their expiration date is provided in Appendix II”

The contact person for He-5 Resources in GESTIM is non other than the ever-present Marcel Roy.

Searching GESTIM may have proven somewhat challenging for the geologists since the company was identified as He 5 Mining Corporation and not He-5 Resources Inc. :

Number : 80024
Name : HE 5 Mining corporation inc.
Category : Legal Person
Status : Active
Address : Marcel Roy 2533 North Carson Street, Suite 1934
Town : Carson City
Postal Code : 89706
State : Nevada
Country : États-Unis

Mr. Roy also appears in GESTIM for M45 Mining, shares the same address as Exploration Miniere Grenville Inc. and appears as the contact person for UMining:

Number : 93860
Category : Legal Person
Status : Active
Address : 2277 DE NEPTUNE
Town : Québec
Postal Code : G2E 6A3
State : Québec
Country : Canada

Number : 82360
Last Name : Roy
First Name : Marcel
Category : Natural Person
Status : Active
Address : 2277, rue du Neptune, Québec, ( Québec )
Town : Québec
Postal Code : G2E 6A3
State : Québec
Country : Canada

Number : 80336
Name : U Mining Resources Inc
Category : Legal Person
Status : Active
Address : c/o Marcel Roy 6445 South Chickasaw trail Suite 139
Town : Orlando
Postal Code : 32829
State : Floride
Country : États-Unis

The same day the M45 Mining report had been signed off by the geologists, claims had been transfered from Jean Claude Dentinger to He-5 Resources.
He-5 Resources Inc.

Curiously,the He-5 Resources report which is for the same area and 73 claims titles (just a few more titles than the M45 report) was issued much later on 24 July 2007.

The report identifies Mr. Dentinger as the He-5 Representative and owner of some of the claims along with He-5 Resources:

“In GESTIM, thirty-two (39) mining titles (24 claims for 363.37 hectares and 15 cells for 835.50
hectares totalling 1 198.87 hectares) are registered 100% to HE-5 Resources Corporation and
thirty-three (33) mining titles (25 claims for 372.84 hectares and 8 cells for 444.63 hectares totalling 817.47 hectares) are currently registered to Jean-Claude Dentinger. According to Jean-Claude Dentinger, representative of HE-5 Resources Corporation, all mining titles owned by Jean-Claude Dentinger are presently under transfer to HE-5 Resources Corporation without any royalties attached. There is no known land claim or ownership dispute with the Phoenix
property. “

Interestingly, the claim status was once again provided by Mr. Dentinger:

Claim status was supplied by Jean-Claude Dentinger, representative of HE-5 Resources corporation, and verified using GESTIM, the Québec government claims managements system from the “Ministère des Ressources Naturelles, de la Faune et des Parcs”, accessible through the internet at the following address: ” “.

The Phoenix property owned by HE-5 Resources Corporation represents an area of 2,026.24 hectares (73 mining titles; Figures 4.2 and 4.3). Fifty-six (56) mining titles are contiguous and over a surface area of 1,442.23 hectares. Seventeen (17) mining titles are isolated from the main group of claims and represent an area of 57.11 hectares.

In GESTIM, thirty-two (39) mining titles (24 claims for 363.37 hectares and 15 cells for 835.50 hectares totalling 1 198.87 hectares) are registered 100% to HE-5 Resources Corporation
and thirty-three (33) mining titles (25 claims for 372.84 hectares and 8 cells for 444.63 hectares totalling 817.47 hectares) are currently registered to Jean-Claude Dentinger. Detailed list of mining titles, ownership and their expiration date is provided in Appendix II. According to Jean-Claude Dentinger, representative of HE-5 Resources Corporation, all mining titles owned by Jean-Claude Dentinger are presently under transfer to HE-5 Resources Corporation without any royalties attached (copies of claim transfer form are provided in Appendix III). There is no known land claim or ownership dispute with the Phoenix property.

One claim was still pending at the time of this report. The claim (CL5275054) in Figure 4.3 was claimed in July 15, 2007 by Pierre Gervais of Services Exploration Enr. This claim is not registered yet in GESTIM (copies of notice of staking are provided in Appendix IV). “


This being said, both reports do bear a striking resemblance to one another in location:

He-5 Resources, Page 20:

“The Phoenix property is located on the fringe of the Watson Lake Group which hosts several massive sulphide deposits in the Matagami mining camp. Recent exploration works performed by Donner Metals Ltd and Xstrata Zinc in the Matagami camp illustrated the potential for new discoveries west of that fringe. The revised geological model proposed by Donner Metals Ltd and Xstrata Zinc corresponds to a structural dome bringing the favorable units near surface or at surface (Figure 19.1). Thus, the favourable interface (Key Tuffite) between the Watson Lake Group and the Wabassee Group may be located beneath the Wabassee Group in the Phoenix property area. ”

M45 Mining , Page 30:

“The West Wind property is located on the fringe of the Watson Lake Group which hosts several massive sulphide deposits in the Matagami mining camp. Recent exploration works performed by Donner Metals Ltd and Xstrata Zinc in the Matagami camp illustrated the potential for new discoveries west of that fringe. The revised geological model proposed by Donner Metals Ltd and Xstrata Zinc corresponds to a structural dome bringing the favorable units near surface or at surface (Figure 19.1). Thus, the favourable interface (Key Tuffite) between the Watson Lake Group and the Wabassee Group may be located beneath the Wabassee Group in the West Wind property area. “

In the recommended conclusions, the location is the same, only a modest number of claims and the costing figures have changed :

M45 Mining, Page 32:

“InnovExplo recommends therefore a major exploration program on the West Wind property. InnovExplo stated that the character of the property is of sufficient merit to justify the recommended program.

The West Wind property owned by M45 Mining Resources Inc represents sixty-one (61) claims (purple outline in Figures 4.2 and 19.3). Thirty-nine (39) other mining titles are owned by HE-5
Resources Corporation (grey outline in Figures 4.2 and 19.3). According to Jean-Claude Dentinger, representative of both M45 Mining Resources Inc and HE-5 Resources Corporation, exploration programs on the West Wind property may be jointly conducted with HE-5 Resources Corporation.

The recommended exploration program has been divided into two (2) phases. The second phase of the program is conditional to the success of the first phase. Phase 1 has been estimated at $815,350 and Phase 2 at $1,850,350, totalizing $2,665,700.

The recommended program is described below. Detailed budgets are presented in Tables 20.1 and 20.2.

InnovExplo recommends a 4,400-m drilling campaign in the first phase of the program with two
main objectives:

(i) test the Wabassee / Watson Lake contact (Key Tuffite) at depth and other potential horizons located at upper levels with two (2) drill holes (1,200m each) in the eastern and western parts of West Wind property where magnetic anomalies “C” and “E” are located;

(ii) test other magnetic anomalies (“A”, “B”, “D” and “F” anomalies) with shorter drill
holes (400m to 500m each)”

He- 5 Resources, Page 34:

“InnovExplo recommends therefore a major exploration program on the Phoenix property. InnovExplo stated that the character of the property is of sufficient merit to justify the recommended program.

The recommended exploration program has been divided into two (2) phases. The second phase of the program is conditional to the success of the first phase. Phase 1 has been estimated at $315,514 and Phase 2 at $608,350 totalizing $923,864.

The recommended program is described below. Detailed budgets are presented in Tables 20.1 and 20.2.

InnovExplo recommends a 1,700-m drilling campaign in the first phase of the program with two
main objectives:

– test the Wabassee / Watson Lake contact (Key Tuffite) at depth and other potential horizons located at upper levels with one (1) drill hole (1,200m) on Phoenix property where magnetic anomaly “E” is located;

– test other magnetic anomaly (“F” anomaly) with a shorter drill hole (400m to 500m).

It appears that both reports discuss the same claims properties.

Interestingly, the firm of geologists who prepared both reports is the same recently chosen by Andrea Cortellazzi to supervise the M45 Mining drilling program which has been costed at 2.8 million dollars.

In a 30 June 2007 SEC filing, M45 Mining stated it had no revenues and it appears that significant private placements may have taken place and with the significant increase in authorized shares on 15 August 2007 (recently filed with the SEC on 18 Sept 2007) solicitation of shareholders will be undertaken:


Business of Issuer

M45 Mining Resources Inc.’s new strategy is focused on building shareholder value through the exploration and development of mineral claims, particularly in the Matagami Mining Camp located in Quebec, Canada. The Matagami Mining Camp is known for its zinc-rich massive sulphide deposits. Initial exploratory work in the Camp can be traced back to the 1930’s with Noranda’s activities in the region. Ten of the eighteen deposits discovered to date have been mined and have produced a total of 3.9 Mt zinc and 0.4 Mt copper.

M45 Management believes that there are likely one or more deposits situated within the limits of the Claims due to the fact that the property is located near past producers and existing deposits.

Management has commenced its first phase exploration program in early April and conducted full surveying and NI-43-101 to determine the location of potential deposits. On June 7, 2007, the company received final results of the NI-43-101 reports confirming the presence of deposits. The Company intends to initiate a massive drilling program as per the geologist’s recommendation, which is contained in the report. The drilling program cost will represent a total of $2.8 million Canadian dollars.

Management is currently negotiating a financing agreement with the New-York based investment broker firm “Lions Partners.” The agreement combines a $3.0 million loan to cover for the drilling program costs to be completed by end of January 2008, and a private equity placement of $2.0 million. Management forecasts a closing by end of August 2007.

The Company expects to encounter intense competition in its efforts to become a leader in mining exploration. Many large and small companies compete in this intense market. The principal means of competition vary among categories and business groups; however, the value of the territories is certainly to be taken into consideration. The competing entities will have significantly greater experience, financial resources, facilities, contacts and managerial expertise, than the Company.

Results of Operation

From April 1 to August 15, 2007 the Company had no revenues. The Company has hired an external geologist firm to conduct geologic reports NI-43-101 on its Matagami property for an approximate cost of $50,000. The Company also incurred operation costs related to completing marketing material such as; Logo’s Web site, summaries and other corporate presentation material. M45 has started to pay rent and common shared expenses as of April 1, 2007; the agreement is for rent, telephone, utilities and other operation support cost at a set price of $3,500 a month. The Company also incurred expenses to cover for legal fees, filing expenses, press releases, traveling expenses, representation costs, mailings, research costs, and various operational costs. These above mentioned costs represent an approximate total of $150,000 and were paid by a control personnel and will be treated and reported as an advance from shareholder in the first quarter of fiscal year 2007. The shareholder agreed to continue to support operational costs until the Company can generate revenues from financing activities and or from commercial operations.”

SEC filing of 18 Sept 2007:

This Information Statement is furnished to holders of shares of common stock, $0.001 par value (the “Common Stock”), of M45 Mining Resources Inc. (the “Company”) to notify such stockholders that on or about August 15, 2007, the Company received written consents in lieu of a meeting of stockholders from holders of a majority of the shares of Common Stock representing in excess of 50.1 % of the total issued and outstanding shares of voting stock of the Company (the “Majority Stockholders”) approving the Certificate of Amendment to increase in the number of authorized shares to 55,000,000 shares of common stock, with a par value of $0.0001. (the “Share Increase”).

M45 MINING RESOURCES INC.’s Articles of Incorporation, as currently in effect, authorizes M45 MINING RESOURCES INC. to issue up to 10,000,000 shares of common stock, par value $0.0001 per share. The Board of Directors has proposed an increase in the number of authorized shares of the common stock of M45 MINING RESOURCES INC.. Upon the approval by the consenting shareholders holding a majority of the outstanding voting securities and then the filing of the Amended Articles of Incorporation, M45 MINING RESOURCES INC. will be authorized to issue a total of 55,000,000 shares of common stock with a par value of $0.0001.


Appearance: Two reports, two sets of claims, apparently independent companies, two expensive drilling programs.

Reality: One report, one set of shared claims, two sources of funding.

Part 2/3

The Facilitators – Part 3

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The most recent and long awaited geological NI 43-01 report has been the UMining report (17 September 2007) prepared by InnovExplo who also prepared the NI 43-101 reports for M45 Mining (8 June 2007) and He-5 Resources (31 July 2007) discussed in Part 2.

UMining issued numerous press releases in 2007 and it is worth mentioning them in order to situate them in context with the recent NI 43-101 report.

The Press Releases

In January 2007, UMining (then Globex Inc.) announced it’s Board of Directors has obtained the approval of a majority of the Company’s shareholders to establish a Canadian Prospecting Subsidiary Corporation.

On 20 February 2007, UMining (then Globex Inc.) announced it had acquired 94 uranium claims in the area for which the 17 September 2007 UMining 43-101 report is prepared. The party from who thery were acquired is unnamed in the press release, however it does provide a veiled reference to Marcel Roy and Exploration Miniere Grenville by referring to a previous transaction:

“Globex, Inc. (GLXI: Pink Sheets), today announced that within the agreement signed last February 20th, the Company acquired an additional 94 Uranium Territory Claims. ”

The same press release went on to say in glowing terms, samples had been taken and the press release quoted impressive reserve numbers:

“As of today the Grenville regional reports indicates an actual number of 0.075%U308 and a possible 544,000 tons in reserve.

In one zone results from samples taken in 12 trenches indicated a value ranging from 0.005 to 0.197%U308. In zone 2, the samples demonstrated a concentration of 1.4%U308.”

On 23 February 2007, UMining issued another press release with technical details isolating the location information to “sector 31 J “.

On 28 February 2007, UMining issued a press release indicating that it had undertaken a drilling program on the recently acquired claims:

“Globex, Inc. (GLXI: Pink Sheets), today announced moving to phase 2 of its winter exploration program in sector 31 J. Key technical details from the Geologic Report indicated a possible 544,000 tons in Uranium reserve in 2 areas of our claims.

Our team will continue to drill approximately 7 to 10 holes totaling about 6,000 meters of drilling. As well a program of line cutting and 200 kilometers of ground resistivity and 25 kilometers of detailed magnetic surveys is also in progress to better define the character of geophysical conductors outlined in previous airborne and ground geophysical surveys.

Management also announced ongoing negotiations for venture agreement with 2 exploitation Companies to commence extracting program on the confirmed specific areas.”

On 20 March 2007, UMining announced it had acquired 33 additional claims. On this occasion the area was specified (31J14), more probable reserves, stated the first drillings had been completed and the geologists selected would send the core samples for examination in order to proceed with the preparation of a NI-43-101 :

Globex, Inc. (GLXI: Pink Sheets), today announced that its first project team working in the Mount-Laurier area has finalized the acquisition of an additional 33 Uranium Cell claims in Northern Quebec, Canada. These claims are situated in the area surrounding the Company’s Grenville Property, specifically in sector 31 J14. This is a key strategic acquisition for Globex as it now owns a significant number of adjoining claims in this uranium-rich sector. These new claims occupy an area of approximately 6.5 square miles.

Preliminary available geologist reports indicated a potential reserve of 300,000 tons with a concentration factor of 1.5% to 2.5% U308.

Management stated: “We are systematically identifying and taking advantage of opportunities to expand our asset base in this strategic sector. This will increase our negotiating power in joint venture deals regarding planned uranium extraction activities, which are currently in the works.”

Management also indicated that the Company will take all the necessary steps to commence extraction activities in full respect of the relevant environmental protocols and will work together with the local community to protect the mining area.

Globex also announced that the geologists will complete the first phase of the drilling program this week, and will send all the samples for further evaluation and testing in order to complete the 43-101.

In the face of mounting skepticism, UMining began issuing a series of press releases to calm shareholders by suggesting the NI43-101 reports would be issued imminently : 22 June 2007, 27 June 2007, 2 July 2007, 12 July 2007.

As the skepticism of UMining watchers reached a crescendo a press release issued on 5 September 2007 stated the report had been completed and would be released imminently.

The report was withheld for another 12 days when it was announced that it would finally be released.

The UMining press releases were intentionally misleading and while the released report 43-101 does not fully answer what occurred, it does however provide a view of how UMining and the other members of the mining triumvirat (M45 Mining, He5 Resources) cooperated intimately with each other through Jean Claude Dentinger, Marcel Roy and Exploration Miniere Grenville to mislead existing and potential shareholders.

The Report

One of the more glaring discrepancies between the report and the press releases concerns at what time the geologists visited the claims site and when they were given a mandate to proceed to the 43-101.

According to UMining press releases, one of the geologists had visited the claims area in March 2007, however the NI 43-101 report at Page 8 does not support this assertion :

“The author, a Qualified and Independent Person as defined by Regulation 43-101, was mandated to visit the property, and to recommend a work program if warranted. The author reviewed the mining titles, their status, related agreements, and any technical data supplied to it by the issuer (or its agents) or collected from public technical information sources.” by the issuer to study technical documentation,

One of the geologists does say in the report that he visited the property before “as part of his exploration work for Noranda Exploration Inc from 1994 to 2001″ however, since the mandate was given to the geologists on 5 June 2007, any visit would have taken place well after the press release statements:

InnovExplo Inc (“InnovExplo”) was mandated by Jean-Michel de Montigny, CEO of U Mining Resources Inc (“U Mining” or “the issuer”) on June 5, 2007, to complete a project evaluation and a Technical Report (“the report”) in compliance with Regulation 43-101 and Form 43-
101F1 on the Laurentides property (“the property”) near Sainte-Anne-du-Lac, Quebec, Canada. The issuer, U Mining Resources Inc, is an American mineral exploration company that is publicly traded on the Pink Sheets (Other OTC: UMNG.PK). InnovExplo is an independent mines and exploration consulting firm based in Val-d’Or (Quebec). ”

Another interesting factual discrepancy of the misleading press releases are the number of claims which UMining states they had acquired. UMining stated in the combined press releases they had acquired 127 claims , however the geologist report says they only have 27 claims:

“4.2 Claim Status

The claim status was supplied by Jean-Michel de Montigny, CEO of U Mining Resources Inc, and verified using GESTIM, the Quebec government claims management system made available by the Ministère des Ressources Naturelles, de la Faune et des Parcs (Quebec’s Ministry of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Parks). GESTIM is accessible through the Internet at the following address:

he Laurentides property, owned by U Mining Resources Inc, represents an area of 1,587.92 hectares (27 mining titles; Figure 4.2). The twenty-seven (27) mining titles are divided into two (2) groups: the Laurentides no.1 Block comprising twelve (12) designated cells and representing an area of 706.32 hectares, and the Laurentides no.2 Block comprising fifteen (15) designated cells and covering an area of 881.60 hectares.

According to GESTIM, twenty-seven (27) mining titles totalling 1 587.92 hectares are registered 100% to U Mining Resources Inc. There are no known land claim or ownership disputes associated with the Laurentides property. “

Another point of interest is at what time these claims titles were researched by the geologists.

According to the report, the geologists received the claims title information from Jean Michel de Montigny, the CEO of UMining.

The report dated 17 September 2007 does not mention the 27 UMining claims titles previously appeared under the name of Jean Claude Dentinger until 10 August 2007.

The InnovExplo geologists accepted the declaration of ownership by the UMining CEO at face value, and omitted mentioning in the UMining NI 43-101 report any claims transfers occurring between 5 June 2007 and 10 August 2007.

An omission which suggests there to this than mere happenstance owing to the fact the same geologists do mention claims transfers in their July43-101 report for He-5 Resources at page 49 for Exploration Miniere Grenville identified as “EMG” in a fax transmission on 24 July2007 from Izza Minerals Inc with the identification “Proprietes de Dentinger”.

Other significant discrepancies between the press releases and the 43-101 report are:

– March 2007 declarations of drilling which had occurred on the claims were pure fabrications. The geologist report states unequivocally at page 31 that no drilling had ever occured on these claims and at page :

U Mining Resources Inc has not yet performed any diamond drilling program on the property. In fact, diamond drilling has never been conducted on the Laurentides property. “

– March 2007, U Mining press release declarations to the effect that geologists had taken core samples and probable reserves were outright lies which are refuted by the geologist report at page 31:

No mineral processing or metallurgical testing has been done for the Laurentides property.

Mineral resources and reserves have not been calculated for the property. “

Moreover, historical data for these claims does not exist.

In short, when comparison is made between the NI43-101 report and the 23 February 2007 press release suggesting historical data and preliminary geological surveys :

“more understandable version that summarizes the major findings of the Geologic Report. The simplified Geologic Report statement is as follows:

It was impossible to perform a detailed validation of the historical data because the past samples
were not available for sample checks.

It appears the UMining press releases were utter shams and this reflective of all the nuanced UMining press releases.

The Claims

Cumulatively, UMining press releases have stated the corporation has acquired 462 claims titles, however the UMining website only lists 101 in all including the 27 claims referred to in the recent NI 43-101:

“Project 1: Laurentide 1 &2 (31J14): 27 Titles, Project 2: Ungava 1 (24L01): 36 Titles, Project 3: Ungava 2 (24L01): 34 Titles, Project 4: Chibougamau 1 (22M13): 4 Titles”

The strategy of shifting claims around the combined UMining, He-5 Resources and M45 Mining portfolios appears to have been the heart of early planning.

The Planning

Evidence of this strategy appears consistently throughout the press releases and official claims registrations in GESTIM.

Marcel Roy and Marie Andree Raynault (a close relative of He-5 Resources Denyse Raynault) had incorporated Exploration Miniere Grenville in 2005. In May 2006, Serge Ollu had incorporated Pacific Green Resources , while son Jean Sebastien Ollu incorporated Sebcor Resources.

The initial claims acquisitions for the combined portfolio began in July 2006 .

Soon thereafter in September 2006 another Nevada company, Beta Industries S.A. was incorporated by Serge Ollu

The stage was set.

In October 2006, Andrea Cortellazzi incorporated a new company had managed to acquire a new location and placed the property under the Coastal Holdings name, 1212 Redpath Crescent and began to shift the activities under that roof.

Soon after the acquisition of 1212 Redpath Crescent, the scam swung into high gear.

In October 2006, He-5 Resources issued press release that it had acquired 176 mining claims in the Matagami area.

On 22 January 2007, M45 Mining then operating under the corporate name of Quantitative Methods, Corp. announced it had also acquired claims in the Matagami Mining Camp, 292 claims to be more precise from Exploration Minière Grenville Inc. for “an aggregate value of $4.5 million (US) in return for valued consideration, including cash and shares. “

On 23 January 2003, UMining then Globex announced it was in negotiation with prominent geologists to acquire 222 Uranium claims. Soon therafter, it announced it had acquired the claims.

The last check of GESTIM on 16 september 2007 by this blog revealed:

  • UMining had 27 claim titles,
  • M45 Mining had 174 claim titles
  • He-5 Resources had 77 claim titles.

A far cry from what had been announced by these ventures in their respective press releases.

Part 3/3

September 19, 2007


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The release of a long awaited geological report has been the subject of much debate and speculation by UMining Message Board posters.

The latest UMining press release reassures investors the release of the long awaited report will occur this week.

The report has been prepared by a group of geologists who operate under the name of InnovExplo.

InnovExplo has also recently issued a geological report for M45 Mining, another Cortellazzi venture. Today, a press release issued by M45 Mining indicated the tender process for the drilling program in connection to this report would be under the supervision of InnovExplo.

On March 24th, the UMining CEO (then Investor Relations representative) Jean Michel de Montigny stated in an email to a shareholder that one the geologists preparing this report was a “government” employee :

“When we announced the acquisition of the (Grenville area) I received an email from 2 geologists who mapped this specific territory and who have made surveys on site. One of them is retired and wants to come on board, the second one works for the government and wanted to help us out since she believed we are right on the U spot……

The blog receives many private, corporate and government visitors, some IP addresses are published and some are not.

Today, the blog received a visit by the MRNF which is the Ministry responsible for Mines in Quebec :

IP ( Ste- Foy, Quebec, Canada
Ministere Des Ressources Naturelles De La Faune Et Des Parcs Gouvernement Du Quebec

The Ministere Des Ressources Naturelles De La Faune (MRNF) is the ministry in Quebec responsible amongst other things to oversee mining rights and managing the claims database.

UMining’s unreleased geological report and recent claims registration activities within the GESTIM database have aroused interest from the government department which oversees such activities.

IMWTK (Inquiring Minds Want To Know).

September 16, 2007

The Ten Commandments Of Penny Stocks

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Penny Stocks are by their very nature are volatile and unpredictable investments.

Investing in Penny Stocks is not for the feint of heart, it’s a high risk, high wire act with no safety net.

Fraudsters like the Cortellazzi Consortium don’t make it easier.

The following 10 “commandments” will prove useful to anyone who seeks investing in this market.


(click on graphic to enlarge )

The “commandments” have been broken by countless investors who acquired shares in ventures directed by Andrea Cortellazzi and his associates. Investors having broken any or all of these “commandments” have consistently discovered that it is financially painful.


Those Who Cannot Learn From History Are Doomed To Repeat It.

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A quick trip into the past of Cortellazzi corporate vehicules reveals a pattern of active misleading and willful omission in corporate communications.

A visit to Pink Sheets will yield the corporate history of the Cortellazzi Consortium enterprises: M45 Mining, UMining, Coastal Holdings, He-5 Resources currently under examination (see graphics below, click to enlarge).


M45 Mining – UMining – Coastal Holdings -He-5 Resources

Currently, of the four ventures only M45 Mining has ever fully reported and it has M45 mining CEO Andrea Cortellazzi, UMining CEO Jean Michel de Montigny and Serge Ollu the husband of the HRRN CEO who have all appeared as shareholders in a recent agreement filed with the SEC (click graphic to enlarge) .


In 2006, a message board poster had this to say about Coastal Holdings (then identified under the trading symbol CSJJ):

Take a look at this:

Stock Symbol- CSJJ.PK
Outstanding Shares- 3,741,275,064
Current Capital Change: shs decreased by 1 for 1200 split
Record Date:
Pay Date: 2003-11-20

Company Notes:
***Formerly=WesPac Technologies Corp. until 9-02
***Formerly=Strata Coal Co. until 11-02
***Formerly=Delmar Management, Inc. until 1-03
***Formerly=2energia, Inc. until 7-03

No Financial Reports Availible and also no SEC Filings in the last 4 years. Do you think they have something to hide? With an Outstanding Share balance of around 560,000,000,000 after the forward split, this won’t be looking too good for the shareholders at all. This company really looks like a money stealer to say the least. If anyone gets into this one they better take any profits early and run like hell.

Coastal Holdings has never reported and neither has any of it’s corporate predecessors.

In 2003, one of the corporate precursors to Coastal Holdings was Strata Coal which traded on Pink Sheets under the symbol SCOC and was previously known as WesPac Technologies in 2002.

Strata Coal (SCOC) came under scrutiny by the SEC in December 2002 for false and misleading press releases :

7. Finally, on March 25, 2002, Strata announced in a press release a “letter of intent” to acquire a bio-waste processing plant in Pennsylvania with expected annual revenue of $5 million. The press release also announced the company’s plan to develop a field adjacent to the plant that purportedly contained $20 million in natural gas reserves. Strata omitted to state that the acquisition of the plant and the development of the natural gas field were contingent upon financing and that the company had been unsuccessful in its attempts to obtain any financing. The annual revenue projection, therefore, was unrealistic and misleading.”

Recently, UMining announced they signed a “letter of intent” of 25 million to acquire a bio-diesel facility:

“U Mining Resources Inc. Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire an Initial 40% Interest in a US Bio-Diesel Facility Valued at $25 Million

Thursday August 23, 8:30 am ET

Company to Acquire Additional 15% of Facility Upon Finalization of Binding Agreement

NEW YORK, NY–(MARKET WIRE)–Aug 23, 2007 — U Mining Resources Inc. (Other OTC:UMNG.PK – News) today announced that it has signed a letter of intent to acquire an initial 40% interest in a US Bio-Diesel facility valued at approximately $25 million. This imminent acquisition will provide U Mining with a strong foothold in the burgeoning Bio-diesel industry and form the foundation of its Green Energy Division.”

A follow up press release even suggests the financing is all but secured:

“U Mining Resources Inc. Announces Next Tuesday’s Management Trip to Texas to Finalize Binding Agreement for Acquisition of 55% Interest in Bio-Diesel Facility Valued at $25 Million
Wednesday September 5, 9:04 am ET

Announces Completion and Imminent Release of NI 43-101 Report on Laurentide Properties

NEW YORK, NY–(MARKET WIRE)–Sep 5, 2007 — U Mining Resources Inc. (Other OTC:UMNG.PK – News) today announced that its Management team will be traveling to Texas next Tuesday in order to finalize the binding agreement for the acquisition of a 55% interest in the Bio-Diesel Facility. Management has scheduled meetings with the vendor of the Facility as well as with local banks to secure the financing and ensure the timely closure of this major acquisition.”

The money taken is new, the pattern of crime is recycled.

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

George Sentayana, Reason in Common Sense

September 13, 2007

Visitors Of Interest

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Since this blog has begun publication many visitors have viewed the contents, here are some of the more interesting visitors:

IP , located in the Maryland area (UMNG – Col. James Krilich)

IP, located in the Maryland area (BAE systems)

IP , located in the Montreal area (UMNG – MRES- HRRN)

IP, located in the Toronto area (Royal Bank of Canada)

IP, located in the Ottawa area (Natural Resources Canada)

IP, located in the Quebec City area (Dentinger/Roy)

IP, located in New York City, (Deutsche Bank )

Oh, I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

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The Cortellazzi Consortium has an impressive group of shell companies and supporters.

The graphic below (click to view larger size) illustrates just how expansive the empire really is.


Information concerning the companies appearing in the above graphic has been obtained from SEC filings and Government records.

September 8, 2007

You Can’t Tell The Players Without A Scorecard

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Following the varying Cortellazzi ventures without a diagram can get confusing, to minimize that effect here’s the first in a series of organization charts which should help you understand who are the players, their current and former ventures.


Just click on the graphic to view the chart in full scale.

Many of the ventures on the chart are no longer active and don’t appear on the blog roll on the right, therefore you may wish to view their outcome on the message boards which were created each one.

The similarities with current ventures are striking.


CortDev (CDVJ) :

ProActive Computer Services Inc (PAVP):

Sand Oil, Inc. (SDOI) :

Coastal Holdings (COHG) :


September 5, 2007

Water, Water Everywhere But Not A Drop To Drink

This blog has received another visitor from the Cortellazzi Consortium.

The IP ( coincides with the area for the new US HQ for Canadian Blue Gold which is the heir apparent to the Coastal Holdings (COHG) throne. Canadian Blue Gold is a bottled water distributor, the latest in a long line of Coastal Holdings (COHG) ventures.

There was a previous foray by Coastal Holdings into the bottled water business but it ended rather abruptly.

Discussing Mr. Cortellazzi’s premier shell company Coastal Holdings Inc. can take some time so today’s blog entry will focus on Canadian Blue Gold for this occasion.

Today’s entry is sort of a pre-press release of Canadian Blue Gold’s website to the last press release which announced that it was going online sometime this week.

As with other Cortellazzi ventures, familiar names appear in Canadian Blue Gold.

Canadian Blue Gold CEO Allain Barrière was a significant shareholder (as was his wife Michèle Fouarge) in a previous Cortellazzi venture: Ouranos Resources (OUNS).

The unaudited Ouranos Resources (OUNS) Balance Sheets at December 31st 2006 indicate their participation:

“Note (4) – Issuance of Shares
Andrea M. Cortellazzi, President issued the following certificates for services rendered in
the First Quarter for services provided:

Date Cert # Name Amount
1/25/05 1051 Luc Andre Matte 30,000
1/25/05 1052 Suzanne Barriere 100,000
1/25/05 1053 Claude Poulain 160,000
1/25/05 1054 Michele Fourage 50,000
1/25/05 1055 Alain Pitre 30,000
1/25/05 1056 Rene Janelle 30,000
1/25/05 1057 Alain Barriere 400,000
1/27/05 1060 Robert Evanco 100,000
2/2/05 1061 Joel Cliche 25,000
2/2/05 1062 Michele Fourage 25,000
2/8/05 1066 Michele Fourage 20,000
2/8/05 1065 Maria Josee Boucher 20,000
2/10/05 1069 Enneau Consulting 600,000

Note (4) a – Issuance of Shares
The following certificates where canceled on August 3rd 2005 due to non-performance.
At this time Mr. Cortellazzi was no longer functioning in the capacity as President of the

Date Cert# Name Amount
1/25/05 1051 Luc Andre Matte 30,000
1/25/05 1052 Suzanne Barriere 100,000
1/25/05 1053 Claude Poulain 160,000
1/25/05 1054 Michele Fourage 50,000
1/25/05 1055 Alain Pitre 30,000
1/25/05 1056 Rene Janelle 30,000
1/25/05 1057 Alain Barriere 400,000
1/27/05 1060 Robert Evanco 100,000
2/2/05 1061 Joel Cliche 25,000
2/2/05 1062 Michele Fourage 25,000
2/8/05 1066 Michele Fourage 20,000
2/8/05 1065 Maria Josee Boucher 20,000
2/10/05 1069 Enneau Consulting 600,000 “

According to the same document, Ouranos was a Texas Corporation incorporated in 1994 under the name of Alpha Generation Inc. On January 4th 2005 the name was changed to Ouranos Corporation. It was apparently engaged in mineral and fuel exploration and development.

Corporate filings with the SEC indicate the Ouranos Resources was located at the same previous physical address as Coastal Holdings (COHG): 1321 Sherbrooke St. W., Suite F100,Montreal, PQ Canada H3G 1J4 Phone: (514) 288-9699, Fax: (514) 287-2488
Mr. Andrea Cortellazzi, President, handles investor relations

Another SEC filing indicates that it’s landlord was none other than Coastal Holdings (COHG):

The Company uses on a thirty (30) day basis the facilities that are under the complete ownership of Coastal Holdings Inc., as its principal executive office. The property is in good condition with no mortgage or liens against it. Its address is: 1321 Sherbrooke St. W., Suite F100, Montreal, PQ Canada H3G 1J4 Mr. Barrière and his wife where engaged (as were many others ) as “consultants” and given free trading shares:

Offerings of Securities For Past Two Years*
Date Entity Shares Price Purpose
12/13/04 Royce-Park Holdings 800,000 $0.15 Consulting Fees
12/13/04 Sandias Azcuraradas 500,000 $0.15 Attorney Fees
12/13/04 Sandias Azcuraradas 500,000 $0.15 Finder’s Fee
12/27/04 Phillip Young 100,000 $0.15 Old Transfer Agent Bill
12/27/04 Donald E. West 500,000 $0.15 Former President’s Salary
12/27/04 M.A. Eccelstone 500,000 $0.15 Former Secretary’s Salary
01/25/05 Luc Andre Matte 30,000 $0.15 Consulting
01/25/05 Suzanne Barriere 100,000 $0.15 Consulting
01/25/05 Claude Paulain 150,000 $0.15 Consulting
01/25/05 Michelle Fouarage 50,000 $0.15 Consulting
01/25/05 Alain Pitre 30,000 $0.15 Consulting
01/25/05 Rene Janelle 30,000 $0.15 Consulting
01/25/05 Alain Barrierre 400,000 $0.15 Consulting
01/28/05 Sandias Azcuraradas -800,000 $0.15 Cancel
01/28/05 AmeriTrade Inc 800,000 $0.15 Issue
01/27/05 Robert Evanko 100,000 $0.15 Consulting
02/02/05 Joel Cliché 25,000 $0.15 Consulting
02/02/05 Michelle Fouarage 25,000 $0.15 Consulting
02/02/05 AmeriTrade Inc -800,000 $0.15 Cancel
02/04/05 Cede & Company 800,000 $0.15 Consulting
02/08/05 Michelle Fouarage 20,000 $0.15 Consulting
02/08/05 Marie Josee Boucher 20,000 $0.15 Consulting

02/08/05 Michelle Fouarage -50,000 $0.15 Cancel
02/08/05 Claude Paulain -160,000 $0.15 Cancel
02/08/05 Alain Barrierre -400,000 $0.15 Cancel
02/08/05 Cede & Company 610,000 $0.15 Consulting
02/08/05 Alain Pitre -30,000 $0.15 Cancel
02/08/05 Cede & Company 30,000 $0.15 Consulting
02/10/05 Ennea Consulting Inc 600,000 $0.15 Consulting
02/09/05 Rene Janelle -30,000 $0.15 Cancel
02/09/05 Luc Andre Matte -30,000 $0.15 Cancel
02/09/05 Cede & Company 60,000 $0.15 Consulting
02/11/05 Robert Huppe 20,000 $0.15 Consulting
02/11/05 Claude Lanctot 5,000 $0.15 Consulting 02/11/05 Suzanne Barriere -100,000 $0.15 Cancel
02/11/05 Cede & Company 100,000 $0.15 Consulting
* All of these shares are free-trading Rule 504, Form D exemption and were registered and qualified in the jurisdiction of Texas.

The filing also mentions that Ouranos (OUNS) which appears to have ceased operations sometime in 2006 was coincidentally engaged in the same activity as M45 Mining (MRES) and U Mining (UMNG), Uranium mining:

Item (ix):
1. Principal products are:
(a) Uranium Ores
(b) Other Minerals and Mining Properties

This being said, it’s appropriate to mention that a 28 August 2007 SEC filing indicates that one of M45 Mining (MRES) principal shareholders is none other than Coastal Holdings (COHG) and Andrea Cortellazzi:


The following table sets forth information as of August 22, 2007, with respect to the beneficial ownership of the 24,342,500 outstanding shares of the Company’s Common Stock by (i) each person known by the Company to beneficially own five percent or more of the outstanding shares; (ii) the Company’s officers and directors; and (iii) the Company’s officers and directors as a group. A person is deemed to be a beneficial owner of any securities of which that person has the right to acquire beneficial ownership within sixty (60) days.

Name of Shareholder No. of Common % ownership

MacGuyver Enterprises Ltd. (1) 415,000 *
Prestige International Growth Fund Ltd. (1) 350,000 *
Euro Holdings, Inc. (1) 7,726,500 31.7
Proactive Computer Services Inc. (1) 245,930 *
Coastal Holdings Inc. (1) 18,500 *
Andrea Cortellazzi 750,000 *

Total 9,505,930 39.0

* less than 5%
(1) Controlled by Andrea Cortelazzi. If ownership of all corporations is added together the total percentage of ownership for Mr. Cortelazzi is 39.0 pecent

More will be will published on this component of the Cortellazzi Consortium at a later time.

September 3, 2007

The Club

Sooner or later, everyone wants to be part of a Club.

Colonel James H. Krilich (a visitor to this blog, IP recently appointed as the Chairman of the Board to UMining is one of these people.

Col. Krilich (who’s message board alias is jim16640) wanted to be part of a club and that’s why he wanted to join Umining stock’s most fervent group of supporters (the Locusts). Col. Krilich quickly proceeded to acquire a significant portion of UMining’s available shares and later purchased even more on behalf of his spouse.

On the day of his appointment as Chairman of the Board of UMining , Col. Krilich posted a message on one of the message boards pointing out that he and his wife had lost a significant amount in UMining but nonetheless he remained positive and pro-active:

I have over 2 million shares at a average cost of 14 cents, so like all of you. I and my wife are deep in the red on this investment.

I have asked analogdog and klon to put together an easy to understand ‘BITCH’ list – which i will send to the other board of directors – in advance to our first BOD meeting – so there are no surprises – and I expect a full answer and resolution to each item on the list.

I have not talked to the other Bod members yet, other than John, who fully supports my leadership and ideas. I hope they will call me tonight or tomarrow. John is contacting the other board members so that will know how to contact me.

I want to have a Board of Directors meeting as soon as possable in Montreal or anyplace convient to everyone.

I will not accept a salary in the position. I merely want my expenses paid and hope that a just reward in the form of restricted shares – will be given to me by the stock holders after we achieve our objectives.

As are as expenses, i think my new nickname should be changed to “Cheap Jim”. I travel economy – and stay in smoke free marriot hotels or equivalent hotels and i jumjp in taxis instead of renting cars. I will establish a reasonable dollar ceiling for travel so no one in manage ment is living high off the hog at stockholders expense. The only problem is with the dollar falling in value each into euro and canadian dollar economies becomes more expensive.

I am upset with the stock price. I accepted this appointment because in times of trouble who do you trust… my anwer…. Yourself!!

I want a company website that provides as much information as possable to stockholders. such as:

a. key objectives and subtasks with a approximate week/month for it to be completed.

b. sub tasks that essential to complete the key objective.

note: each task will have a budget estimate so we know what we are getting into before we make a obligation.

c. the first list of objectives that i will take to the Board of Directors meeting will be the “bitch” list that analogdog and klon are preparing for me.

d. i want to provide to all you – the status of where we are at on all the important tasks that have been previously promised to us in new releases.

e. I am prepared to step down as the Chairman – when ever the stock holders have lost faith in me, or someone with more proven talent comes along. I did not accept this position for the thrill of a fancy title…I am here to save – my $350,000 that me and my wife spent buying UMNG stock.

The issues I am concerned about – what is proven – what is probable; the legal documentation of each lease – so we know it is in our ownership; the accurate reporting to regulation government authroties of all required documents; a plan that monitors the collection of data that gets rolled up into a timely sumbitted finacial report to the SEC and other government agencies; hard copy recepts of all travel expenses.

I have a vision of a very high price of uranium. I have a huge love for Canada. I look at Canada as being a huge vault that is filled with valuables that no one can steal from us. But its up to us to go out there and develope it for the peoples of North America.

I am approachable and I am willing to work with anyone that can help us achieve our goal – that goal is A PROFITABLE INVESTMENT for my fellow investors. In my mind – the cost basis of this stock is forty cents. After we get back to forty cents…I feel I accomplished my major short term objective.

Some people will probably be pissed that i posted this open message – but what the hell – Eagles never fly in a flock.

Colonel Jim Krilich, Army United States, RETIRED.

PS I do read all the posts here – but simply do not have the time to respond. that is why i am counting on analagod and klon to call me.

In the last message posted 2 days later on the same message board, Col. Krilich explained how he was invited to the exclusive Club:

how did i get on the board?

made my presence known to Mr. John Micheals by faxing him copies of my and my wife’s schwab and scotrade stock accounts when I had bought about one million shares of glxi. he started answering the phone aftrer he got my fax. Since then I have built my position larger and larger and after I approached two million shares…John invited me to send him my resume.

Members of the Club directed by Mr. Andrea M. Cortellazzi are selected, resumes are not required.

The Cortellazzi Consortium is a tight knit society of close friends, associates and family.

As point of reference, if you examen He-5 Resources (HRRN) you will soon find out that it is a family affair with Serge Ollu (Pacific GreenBeta S.A.Resources) and wife Denyse Raynault at the helm. Son Jean Sebastien Ollu appears in a Nevada shell corporation Sebcor Resources Inc. Denyse Raynault recently registered another company in Canada, Izza Minerals which is wholly owned by He-5 Resources.

Mr. Ollu also appeared as Executive Vice President in Mr. Cortellazzi’s Coastal Holdings (COHG).

The Ollu-Raynault family extends to another family member, Marie Andrée Raynault who is CEO of Exploration Minière Grenville Inc.

Another person on the Board of Directors of Exploration Minière Grenville Inc. , Marcel Roy also appeared as one of the lead prospectors for Izza Minerals.

Mr. Roy’s name also appears prominently in geologist reports for M45 Mining (MRES) and He-5 Ressources (HRRN).

M45 Mining’s predecessor Quantitative Methods Corporation (QTTM) stated in a 17 January 2007 SEC filing that it had “acquired” from Exploration Minière Grenville 292 claims in area 32 F for the sum of 4,5 Million US, part in shares part in cash when a drilling program had been completed.

Soon thereafter, Quantitative Methods Corporation appointed Demetrius Manulakos (Chairman), Craig Perry and Gilles Ouellette. The Chairman so happened to reside in the same building and on the same floor as Mr. Andrea Cortellazzi : 1321 Sherbrooke St. W. Suite F100, Montreal, PQ, H3G 1J4 which was also the location for Coastal Holdings Inc. (COHG).

Mr. Perry was given a very generous “Employee and Consultant Stock Incentive Plan” of 7,000,000 Shares which amounts to $3,325,000.00 US. For some unexplained reason this incentive plan is not mentioned in the Quarterly report signed by Mr. Cortellazzi on 30 June 2007 (who assumed the position of CEO on 27 June 2007 ) and filed much later on 21 August with the SEC.

Interestingly, there were never any press releases issued to mention Mr. Cortellazzi’s appointment as CEO of M45 Mining. Judging from the recent SEC filing, it appears that Mr. Cortellazzi (MRES) Mr. Ollu (HRRN) and Mr. De Montigny (UMNG) are prepearing to join forces under one single entity.

There was a very good reason for the Cortellazzi Consortium to extend an invitation to Col Krilich and it had nothing to do with the amount of shares that he owned. Col. Krilich was a convenient way to bolster Umining’s increasing lack of credibility and divert attention to the appointment, in short what political strategists refer to as ” changing the channel”.

Col. Krilich has remained silent since his last message on 13 July 2007 , and owing to recent events it appears that his membership in the Club is on the verge of being cancelled.

September 2, 2007

The Ties That Bind

The Cortellazzi Consortium have made their association more visible since this blog appeared on 25 August 2007.


The document above (click on graphic for larger view) was filed by M45 Mining with the SEC on August 28th 2007 . The filing bears the date of 15 August 2007 and the signatures of Andrea Cortellazzi (M45 Mining), Jean Michel de Montigny UMining) and Serge Ollu (He-5 Resources).

However, it was only submitted 13 days later on 28 August 2007.

The previous filing which is dated 20 August 2007 was filed the very next day on 21 August 2007.

Why was the 28 August 2007 filing which bears the date of 15 August 2007 submitted after the filing which bears 20 August 2007, a later date ?

I would suspect it has something to do with the concern of these Montreal visitors who’s IP’s have appeared on this blog’s statistics : – which remained on this blog for 14 hours 48 mins 23 secs – which remained on this blog for 22 hours 57 mins 25 secs

September 1, 2007

The Shields

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Running a well orchestrated scam requires some external assistance. The Main Players in our study have rather dubious past histories. They compensate by using relatively unknown persons as fronts, willing participants with some credibility or better yet someone who has a reputable past which can be used to their advantage.

These are the Shields.

Here’s the story of two Shields, Dr. Joel Fournier and Melson Liao, one more fortunate than the other.

Dr. Joel Fournier

In April 2006, UMining operated under a different corporate identity, it was called Globex Inc. and at that time it’s focus was Ethanol:

“This investment is a critical first step in Globex’s new corporate strategy to become a player in the high-growth ethanol industry. Globex’s goal is to capitalize on the rapid rise in the demand for ethanol that is being driven by the energy bill passed by the US Congress last year.”

In July 2006, Globex Inc. announced it was going to change it’s corporate identity to reflect more accurately it’s commercial enterprise:

“Globex has resolved to change its name in order to better reflect its current business operations. Its attorneys are preparing the necessary documents to file for the name change with the Secretary of State of the State of Nevada. In addition, the Company is in the process of developing a new corporate website, which should be completed by the end of the month. A temporary flash page may be accessed at: ”

A short time after, Globex announced that ” its two resident PhDs ” had discussed the Ethanol process at an important convention:

“Globex also announced that its two resident PhDs discussed this new hydrolysis method related to bioethanol production with industry experts at the third annual World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing, held July 11-14, 2006 in Toronto, Canada. For further information on this event please visit:”

Then a rather interesting event occured, GLXI launched an email spam promotion campaign which lasted from July 2006 to October 2006.

Just as the email spam campaign began, a pivotal announcement was made by Globex. The announcement concerned the appointment of a Canadian ethanol expert, Dr. Joel Fournier, Phd .


“NEW YORK, NY — (MARKET WIRE) — August 15, 2006 — Globex, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GLXI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Joel Fournier, Ph.D., MBA as President, effective immediately following the resignation of Mr. Ernest Cartwright. After devoting about 60 years of his life to work in the business community, Mr. Cartwright has decided to retire and spend quality time with his family at his ranch.

Dr. Fournier will continue to function as the head of the Research team for Globex’s ethanol pre-treatment technology. His primary objective is to form a strong Research and Development and Management team for Globex in order to execute its corporate growth strategy. Dr. Fournier’s strong scientific and business background is a definite asset to Globex and thus he will be a vital part and the foundation of the Company’s research and management team.

Dr. Fournier brings a wealth of scientific and management experience to Globex and is a proven Director of several companies with a dynamic and focussed leadership style. Dr. Fournier currently sits on the Board of Directors of several privately owned and public organizations, most notably holding the position of Director of the Centre of Chemical Process Studies of Québec (CEPROCQ) since January 2000. This Montreal-based contract research & technology transfer centre specializes in chemical process engineering. Twenty-one employees execute over twenty contracts annually in industrial chemical process for its clientele. Since Dr. Fournier’s appointment as Director of CEPROCQ, it was granted an $8 million budget for an expansion project within a public-private partnership initiative.

In addition, as an internationally recognized chemist, Dr. Fournier has advanced expertise in alternative energy production. Furthermore, Dr. Fournier has more than five years’ experience as an electrochemical researcher at the National Research Council of Canada. Author of over twenty scientific publications, and three patents, Dr. Fournier holds a Ph.D. (chemistry-physics) and post doctorate from the INRS Energy & Materials Institute. He also completed an Executive MBA at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).”

In October 2006, Globex even went out of it’s way to purchase advertising space in a leading periodical and have Dr. Fournier answer questions.

Thereafter, Globex issued a series of vague press releases concerning the acquisition of Ethanol permits in Brazil. It was at this time (October 2006) that Dr. Fournier’s name was mentioned for the last time in a Globex Press release.

Suddenly, in January 2007 Globex announced it had received take over bids and then began to announce it had gone into uranium mining (hardly one of the more environmentally friendly activities).

All was quiet until February 2007, when a former shareholder began posting concerns about Globex on an investment Message Board in regards to the Globex administration or lack thereof:

Posted by: pinarello
In reply to: None
Date:2/23/2007 5:30:46 PM
Post #of 16115

What is the name of the CEO of Globex inc. ?

At this time Globex was promoting uranium and ethanol was just another page on it’s website, basically window dressing.

The question of Dr. Fournier’s absence was finally resolved in April 2007 when one of the message board moderators enquired directly from Dr. Fournier if he was still associated with Globex, the response was less than flattering :

Posted by: ICEMAN1CO
In reply to: None
Date:4/3/2007 12:31:32 PM
Post #of 12924


From : Fournier, Joel <>
Sent : Tuesday, April 3, 2007 9:34 AM
To : “Stock Devil” <>
Subject : RE: GLOBEX INC.

Dear *******

I’m absolutely not involve so far with these guys and I recomande every body to
keep far away from these swindler.


—–Message d’origine—–
De : Stock Devil []
Envoyé : 3 avril, 2007 10:49
À :

Hi Mr. Fornier, Do you still work for Globex Inc. or Umining Resources?


Faced with this reality, Globex (after it had changed it’s corporate identity to UMining) slipped a small comment in a May press release that Dr. Fournier had departed without any mention of when this had occured:

“In a footnote, Mr. Joel Fournier is no longer involved with U Mining Resources. Mr. Fournier is pursuing other opportunities, and U Mining wishes him the best. The Company will remain involve in green energy research.”

In short, Dr. Fournier had unwittingly been a shield for a stock promotion scam run by professionnals. When his usefulness was over they discarded him, however the green energy charade continues to this day with Bio-Diesel.

Melson Liao

Mr. Liao is another unwitting victim of Andrea Cortellazzi.

After a few paper projects in oil & gas, residential construction and a stock buyback, Mr. Cortellazzi began a venture with Melson Liao, a Chinese entrepreneur and manufacturer of botanical extracts .

On April 15, 2005, Mr. Cortellazzi’s Cort Dev had merged with Mr. Liao’s Botaniex:

“HOUSTON — CortDev, Inc. (BTXI: Pink Sheets), announced today that it has completed its acquisition of Botaniex, Inc. As a result, effective today, CortDev Inc. has changed its name to “Botaniex, Inc.” and the new trading symbol is “BTXI.”

Fortunately Mr. Liao had the foresight and good sense to ensure that a trusted ally was appointed as CEO.

A few months later, Mr. Liao had enough and managed to shed himself of Mr. Cortellazzi, in a very politely worded press release he described the business relationship as follows:

“Since April, 2005, when Mr. Liao and his then-private company, Botaniex, Inc., took control of the public company that is now traded on the Pink Sheets under the symbol BTXI, the company has been hampered with a consistent inability to effectively pursue execution of its business plan because of a fundamental impasse over certain strategic and related corporate issues as between the only two members of its board of directors, Messrs. Liao and Cortellazzi. While Mr. Cortellazzi’s contributions to the company to date have played an important part in the development of the company’s corporate identity and visibility, recent developments leave the company in a very strong position to move into an aggressive operational mode, take advantage of pent-up demand for its products, and exploit a variety of strategic international opportunities that it has been unable to effectively pursue to date. “Different people … intelligent people … can — and often do — have very different ideas as to how to succeed,” noted Mr. Liao. “What’s important within an organization is to identify and pursue a single path that draws upon the best of everyone’s ideas. Unfortunately, in the real world, some ideas are just too different … too conflicting …. to be reconcilable. When that happens, something has to give.”

Mr. Liao is by far one of the more fortunate ex-associates of Mr. Cortellazzi.

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