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April 29, 2008

Just A Plain Old Government Employee

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In their 17 April 2008 press release, UMining described Comitrag S.A.’s President as follows:

“CEO of U Mining, Jean Michel de Montigny, stated the following: “We have put forth immense effort and have spent considerable time and allocated certain funds to this project thus far, and the feedback I am getting from shareholders and our investor relations representatives is that it is still difficult to envision the value of this agreement and how it will affect the Company’s revenues and earnings over time. The best way I can only begin to explain this is to describe the unique relationship Mr. Bella Keita has established with certain officials in Guinea, as well as his understanding of the historical background and needs of this emerging nation. Mr. Keita has built an impressive career to date, having served as engineer and project manager for numerous, similar world-class projects, along with other achievements many would consider impressive for this Guinean immigrant. His people, the Guinean representatives to this agreement, respect him for many reasons including the fact that he has always stayed involved in Guinea’s drive to improve its infrastructure and emerge as one of that continent’s most self-sufficient and prosperous nations.”

On message boards, speculation has been swirling around Mr Keita. One suggested the “Keita clan are historical princes.” another said Balla Keita apparently has a link to the President’s 4th wife, which gets him meetings and photo opportunities with important people, but not any credibility.”

Mr. Keita is indeed a civil engineer, however the facts are far less exotic than some may suggest.

The simple fact is that Mr. Keita is an employee for the Government of Quebec within the Ministry of Transport (MTQ).

Mr. Keita is a member of the APIGQ (l’Association professionnelle des ingénieurs du gouvernement du Québec) which is a professional union (engineers). Only engineers who are employees of the Government of Quebec are allowed to join this union.

Mr. Keita’s union membership entry with workplace information and the Ministry department (FCARR – a department which manages roadway surfacing and maintenance in Quebec) appears in this graphic (below):

Mr. Keita is a member of an oversight committee with the APIGQ (see graphic below):

Mr. Keita’s workplace is located near his Longueuil home (previously reported on the blog) in a building (picture below) near the Longueuil subway station which connects to the Montreal subway system.

At a recent Commission of Inquiry, the APIGQ took the opportunity to mention that compensation for Government of Quebec engineers was well below their counterparts at Hydro-Quebec. The APIGQ stated that senior engineers employed within the Government of Quebec were earning $80,000.00 at the highest pay scale, much less than engineers at Hydro-Quebec (graphic below).

This said, it is interesting the blog recorded a 3 hour and 21 min. visit from a computer belonging to Ministry of Transport ( on 17 April 2008, this extensive visit occurred less than an hour after UMining issued their press release.

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