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March 30, 2008

Never Was Heard A Discouraging Word

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UMining’s latest press release states CEO and Cortellazzi associate Jean Michel De Montigny has returned from a ” Successful Commercial Mission in Republic of Guinea”.

This is a rather bold statement since not a single word concerning this mission appeared in the local print media about this transaction.

Radio Television Guineenne (RTG) the state run television network did not report or mention the mission, nor did it report on U Mining, Comitrag, Jean Michel de Montigny and Balla Keita.

RTG news is archived on many websites: AfricaTV, Telediaspora and Le Diplomate

The complete absence of all Guinean media coverage concerning the event alluded to in the recent press release is all the more intriguing, since such news draws considerable attention in Guinea as did this November 2006 news report concerning a Guinean business forum held in Frankfurt, Germany.

Guinea is a small poverty stricken country and economic news which can lead to job creation is sought after by the local news media such as this news report on the public tender for the container port in Conakry (see graphics below) which appeared on 29 March 2008 on

port2.jpg port1.jpg

UMining’s most recent press release makes no mention of the railway project which appeared the a 16 January 2008 press release:

“The above-mentioned multi-level contract also includes the assignment to U Mining of a management contract for the building of several large-scale infrastructures. The revenues generated from the exploitation of the mining concession will provide the Government with sufficient working capital to cover the cost of the infrastructure projects. The projects include the construction of a new railroad that will service the iron ore mine; following a route through the centre of the nation. U Mining and Comitrag are fully committed to the mining and infrastructure projects for the future development of the West African nation.

Further details on the mining and infrastructure projects will be disclosed to shareholders upon the signing of a definitive agreement with the West African nation.”

However, L’Aurore, a Guinean media outlet which specializes in mining news is reporting the firm chosen for the much needed railway infrastructure will the French group of Cofinter, Egisbceom, De Broca Paridiue Maffei and Coyne & Bellier (Google translation):

Railway Conakry-Kankan, rehabilitation indeed!
27-03-08 09:19 27-03-08 09:19


The experts of the tripartite committee of transport (Government of Guinea, Rio Tinto, BHPbilliton) chose the firm to conduct studies for the rehabilitation of the railway Niger (Conakry-Kankan) along 1000 km.

That grouping, Cofinter, Egisbceom, De Broca Paridiue Maffei and Coyne & Bellier who execute. It is an eight-month contract against payment of a million dollars.

This railway will allow the Niger Transguinéen indispensable for the development of iron ore in Nimba Mountains (BHPbilliton) and Simandou (Rio Tinto and BSG-Resources) for failing to provide public transit.

Indeed, the Minister of Mines and Geology of Guinea, Ahmed Kanté and Namory Condé BHPbillliton Regional Director, recently visited Australia. The agenda aims knowledge of the technology BHPBilliton through a tour of facilities of the firm.

Of course, there was no mention of this news in the recent UMining press release.

A photograph (below) did accompany the press release to suggest that it was taken recently in the Republic of Guinee.


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