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March 3, 2008

Creating Distance

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According to a recent press release the CEO of He-5 Resources , “Miss”/” Ms” Denyse Raynault, the spouse of Mr. Serge Ollu has announced that she is stepping down from the rigors of corporate life.

Also of note, the He-5 Resources website recently received a “face lift” and some material no longer appears.

The recent website states the focus of the company is on 2 projects which are Overman and Côte d’Ivoire.

he5projects2008.jpg phase1.jpg phase2.jpg

The Quebec properties which were the subject of several press releases (18 October 2006, 19 October 2006, 22 August 2007, 5 September 2007) are no longer mentioned.

Absent from the latest website (the third since 2006, the first may be viewed here) is any reference of last summer’s IZZA Minerals Inc, (He-5 resources wholly owned Canadian subsidiary in which Miss/Ms Raynault is a major shareholder), a scholarship contest which they sponsored in conjunction with the Nevada Appeal newspaper, the 27 March 2006 and 26 May 2006 references to their acquisition of Ruby #1 and #2 Mines and the 3 May 2006 joint venture with Sand Oil Inc concerning Ruby #1 and #2 Mines.

Also interesting is the fact that Raynault Consulting (the corporation which served to acquire He-5 Resources on 16 March 2006 from then Botaniex, Inc & Andrea Cortellazzi) is in default since 25 February 2008.

“Best way to avoid punch, no be there.”

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