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December 21, 2007

Silent Management

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The Cortellazzi Consortium has been keeping a low profile over the last month by not issuing any press releases.

However, the number and frequency of their visits to this blog suggests a very different story. They are concerned about their upcoming move as well they should be.

A source has just remitted to the blog a document filed by Mr. Serge Ollu (a recently convicted fraudster) of He-5 Resources in April 2007 with the State of New York on behalf of UMining Resources.

Mr. Ollu identifies himself in this document as “Secretary” in this document which originates from a fax bearing the phone number 514-287-2488. This phone number has served for He-5 Resources Inc. and Coastal Holdings.

This document may be viewed by clicking on the graphic below.


A press release was issued on 12 April 2007 in connection with this document. The press release does not mention Mr. Ollu by name it simply states “management has completed all the filings with the New York State”:

Globex, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GLXI) today announced that management has completed all the filings with the New York State and Governing authorities to change the Company’s name to “U Mining Resources Inc.”

The Company’s attorney has also filed the required documentation for a new CUSIP number and ticker symbol. Management believes that the changes made, in particular the new corporate name, better reflect the Company’s new strategic direction and avoid any conflicts or confusions with another mining Company called “Globex.”

The U Mining team is fully focused on completing all necessary marketing and financial presentation tools that are consistent with the Company’s new direction, and is intent on building a solid foundation that promotes growth under the new corporate banner.

All the more interesting when you consider that Serge Ollu’s name has NEVER APPEARED in any UMining press releases, nor on the UMining website at any time as part of Umining’s management.

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