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October 20, 2007

Half Truths of The Boy Wonder

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The hyperlink for M45 Mining no longer bears Mr. Chen’s name as was previously reported on 29 September 2007 (

Mr. Chen (IP: ) the M45 webmaster in Paris, France has chosen to change the storage location the website, therefore you may wish to update your links to the M45 Mining website:

M45 Mining contact interface which is cut and paste reproduction of Mr. Chen’s previous work ( and can be seen in the graphic below with the new M45 Mining URL:


The blog was directed to this new location a few days after it was created on 11 October 2007. Most of the M45 website was transfered on 11 October 2007 and some modifications were done on 15 October 2007.

The blog discovered noteworthy material, some of which may be used at a later time.

This shortcoming should not be interpreted as Mr. Chen being a lax associate since other members of the Cortellazzi Consortium are also error prone.

Earlier this week, M45 Mining issued a press release with a summary of a new geologist report.

The press release purposely gives no detail of when it will be released.

However, the full 48 page, 5 October 2007 report appears to have been mistakingly uploaded to the SEC website. The report is properly identified in the disclosure portion of the form, however part of the details state erroneously that it’s for a previous report: “Technical Report on the West Wind Property”.

A previous geologist report does appear on the current M45 website, however it was not filed with the SEC.

The blog is currently reviewing the latest geologist report and will comment at a later time.

The content of the M45 website did generate a strong lead for today’s subject which concerns press releases issued by the Cortellazzi Consortium : UMining, M45 Mining, Canadian Blue Gold (which was Coastal Holdings until this week) and He-5 Resources.

The common thread throughout this ongoing fraud are the carefully worded press releases which are issued at varying times to entice potential investors into buying or encourage shareholders to keep holding shares in Cortellazzi Consortium ventures.

Press releases are the life blood penny stock scams, it is the press release which reels in the victims and convinces potential investors that phenomenal returns on investment await their modest investment.

It is the carefully crafted and precisely timed press releases which convince disgruntled investors to hold on to their worthless stocks as other scammers work behind the scenes.

Mr. Cortellazzi and Mr. De Montigny are not up to this task since their English language skills while acceptable are insufficient to draft these masterpieces of fraudulent communication. Mr. Ollu, his wife Denyse Raynault, Allain Barriere are Francophones with basic English language skills, the task of drafting such pearls of deceit are well beyond their capabilities. Dr. Jean Paul Cajolais, his wife Michele Minville and her relative Jean Minville are fluent in English, reside in Florida, however their language skills are also insufficient for this essential high level task.

The Boy Wonder

The person with the required skill and knowledge to accomplish the difficult feat of drafting the Consortium’s press releases is The Boy Wonder, Toronto resident George A. Abisaleh (IP: and frequent blog visitor.

Mr. Abisaleh lists 205 The Donway West, suite 810 as his residential and business address.

Mr. Abisaleh, a Lebanese Maronite is a well educated young man (BD: 27 September 1976) who lived in Montreal for many years, he enjoys driving his car at high speeds in Toronto (Ontario licence plate: ANAK 789).

Mr. Abisaleh has been a long time Cortellazzi crony. Mr. Abisaleh was Pro Active Computer’s Director of Mergers and Acquisitions.

He became CEO of Sand Oil in April 2006 :

“Sand Oil is also pleased to announce that it has formulated a new corporate strategy, coinciding with this change in ownership. The Company’s new strategy is to establish itself as an important player in the gold mining and exploration industry. Sand Oil, under the direction of newly-appointed CEO George Abisaleh, will endeavour to raise sufficient capital from the equity market to fund the acquisition of two mining claims situated in Northern California. Mr. Abisaleh has been in negotiations with the seller of the mining claims for the past month and intends to close this transaction as soon as adequate financing is secured. The mining claims, once acquired, will be vended into Sand Oil and significantly increase the revenue and profit potential of the Company. Further details on this acquisition and on the Company’s strategy will be released as soon as the acquisition is finalized.”

A few weeks later in May 2006, Sand Oil issued a joint press release delaring it had formed a joint venture with He-5 Resources.

Mr. Abisaleh appeared more recently as a spokesperson for He-5 Resources concerning a scholarship contest sponsored by He-5 Resources in the Nevada Appeal.


One of the more interesting leads which the blog discovered on the M45 website index (which is open for public viewing) was to a Quebec Government website.

The Government website lists amongst other things, the Matagami mining area which is the focus of 3 geologist reports (M45 Mining has two, He-5 has one):

The Quebec Government website has another web page on Uranium which leads to a January 2007 map of Uranium sites.

If the information on that map appears familiar to readers having read numerous UMining press releases, it should because the 24 April 2007 press release is an almost exact reproduction of the information which appears on the map (graphic which appears after the text) :

Indice L. 24M/02 (Anomaly 3A-2) 0,5% U covering 3 meters 1843L
of U Metal
Lac Castor 24M/03 0,15% U covering 4.5 meters
and 0,33% on 1 meter

Sedimentary basins Paleoproterosoic_Sakami formation

Lac Gayot (Fearless one) 33M/15 0,1 % U Covering 15 meters
and 0,25% on 15 meters
Ferme Nord 24C/07 110 to 13900 ppm U
Otel 24C/08 0,1% U308 Covering 1 meter
Eagle 24C/08 0,017% U308 Covering 2.2 meters
Kish 24C/08 1189 ppm U308
Adelaide U 24E/16 0,22% U308 Covering 2 meters
Chioak 24L/01 0,1% U308 Covering 4,8 meters

Superior Province
Ganiq 33G/13 0,77% U308 Covering 8 meters
Apple 32F/02 0,05% U308 Covering 15,5 meters
Maro 33F/10 17,36% U308 610ppm U Covering 17 meters


The 24 April 2007 Umining press release is without a doubt the most carefully worded of all the Cortellazzi Consortium press releases.

The information is purposely cut out of the text in where it originally appeared and place it in a press release which leaves any reader with the unmistakable impression that UMining owns claims in 12 separate areas.

However, the fact is UMining has only registered 27 claims since January 2007, all of these claims are in a different location (31J14) than appears on the 24 April 2007 press release.

The press release facts taken out of context are accurate:

“NEW YORK, NY — (MARKET WIRE) — April 24, 2007 — Globex / U Mining Resources Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GLXI) today announced the publication of preliminary results from various field tests on these 12 Company-owned Claims in the Ungava area of Northern Quebec. The results confirm the presence of Uranium on these properties. The unedited results from the surveying, detailing the following U308 concentrations: “

However, the press release is purposely written in a vague and deceptive manner to deceive, it is a half truth.

“A half-truth comes in several forms, and is a deceptive statement, that includes some element of truth. The statement might be partly true, the statement may be totally true but only part of the whole truth, or it may utilize some deceptive element, such as improper punctuation, or double meaning, especially if the intent is to deceive, evade blame or misrepresent the truth.

The purveyors of this half truth would most assuredly suggest when confronted this press release merely reflects recent government information which is readily available, moreover UMining never clearly says in the press release that UMining actually owns the claims, it just says it “announced preliminary results from various field tests on these 12 Company-owned Claims “, therefore it simply communicates information which is available from the government which supports their contention that uranium exploration in Quebec is a viable option.

In reality, the press release is like most of the Cortellazzi Consortium press releases, it is a half truth, doublespeak along the lines of Kelli Filkins who appeared before Judge Judy (You Tube video below) and contended her eBay ad for two cellphones wasn’t for the cellphones themselves, it was for “photographs” of the cellphones:

A half-truth is a whole lie.
Yiddish Proverb

In closing, the blog wishes to take this opportunity to remind everyone that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

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