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October 13, 2007

Three Card Monte

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The blog has received numerous visitors since it’s last post. Many of whom are persons which have been previously identified as members or close associates of the Cortellazzi Consortium.

During this absence, the blog has been delving ever deeper into present and past activities of the various members, information which shall be used in upcoming posts.

It appears that message board participants have concluded for some unknown reason that Mr. Marcel Roy, the focus of the blog’s 6 October 2007 item is still awaiting trial in regards to his 2004 arrest and not a convicted felon.

Mr. Roy (BD: 6 October 1946) was acquitted for some charges laid by the Surete du Quebec on 12 March 2004 (Quebec Court docket: 200-01-088126-044) prior to his arrest on 17 March 2007 .

However, the Surete du Quebec laid more detailed charges in relation to the Pyramid Scheme (206 (01) e) Criminal Code) on 17 June 2004 (Quebec Court docket: 200-01-090312-046).

Mr. Roy pled guilty to those charges on 21 October 2004 and received a $36,000.00 fine with a 24 month probation.

Mr. Roy is scheduled to appear in Court concerning the probation matter (Quebec Court docket : 200-01-117056-071) this 1 November 2007.

Having provided this clarification, the blog will proceed to review and discuss other events concerning the Flim Flam Man (Mr. Roy) and his apprentice grifter (Jean- Claude Dentinger).

However, before the blog delves further it is important for the reader to take note of a key event which occurred at the same time which Mr. Roy was arrested in 2004.

At the time Mr. Roy was arrested in March 2004, media reports indicated that he worked for “Groupe Le Mesnil” .

Groupe Le Mesnil was a firm of mining prospectors in Quebec City. The firm was dissolved in June 2005.

Mr. Roy one of the defendants (many of which were former Groupe le Mesnil members) in a lawsuit undertaken (Quebec Court docket: 500-17-016968-037 ) in August 2003 by 9096-9031 Québec Inc., Exploration Nid’Or (2000) Inc. concerning the ownership of claims , a letter of intent, transfer of claims and a TSX V company:

“9096-9031 Québec Inc., Exploration Nid’Or (2000) Inc. v. Daniel Champagne, Les Huit Prospecteurs Inc., Gary Allan, Laurent Beaudoin, Marcel Roy, Guy Drouin, Ministère des richesses naturelles, de la faune et des parcs

Plaintiff, Exploration Nid’Or (2000) Inc. («Nid’Or»), is a private company involved in mining exploration and exploitation in the province of Quebec. Defendant Daniel Champagne (“Champagne”) is its sole director.

Nid’Or is the sole owner of mining concessions 315 and 395. Its titles are registered with the Quebec government.

On February 6, 2003, plaintiff 9096-9031 Quebec Inc. (“9096”) signed a letter of intent regarding the purchase of all the shares of Nid’Or.

The anticipated scenario, with the underlying intent of acquiring the two mining concessions, was that 9096 sign a letter of intent to purchase all the shares of Nid’Or and then assigns all its rights and interest in the shares to Belleterre Resources Inc. (“Belleterre”). Then, Enviropave International would purchase all the shares of Belleterre.

An essential element for the purchase of the shares of Nid’Or was that Enviropave, a venture capital company, be registered with the Toronto Stock Exchange («TSX»), qualified and authorized by the latter to raise capital and exploit the two mining concessions. This condition was not fulfilled.

Thus, on July 21, 2003, Nid’Or, represented by its president, agreed to sell the mining concessions 315 and 395 to defendant Les Huit Prospecteurs Inc. (“Prospecteurs”).

Taking for granted that it owns all the shares of Nid’Or, 9096 claims the right to be declared owner of the mining concessions 315 and 395. It also request the cancellation of any sale transaction and that the seizure before judgment be declared valid.

The Court must first determine if the effect of the letter of intent was to transfer the ownership of the shares. The Court concludes that the letter of intent was a conditional prior contract, which may lead to an eventual transfer of the shares. There was no transfer and Champagne is still the only shareholder of Nid’Or.

The Court also concludes that the agreement between Nid’Or and Prospecteurs regarding the sale of the mining concessions occurred in July 2003, while the Inspector general had stricken off the registration of 9096 for failing to file annual declarations, thus dissolving the company.

The motion is denied. “

The case was brought to appeal in March 2004 by the plaintiffs (Quebec Court docket: 500-09-014268-049), however it failed in June 2006.

Much of which sounds all too familiar when reading UMining press releases which have been touting TSX V acquisitions.

With this legal experience and knowledge in hand, the plan was underway.

On 19 July 2006, M45 (then Quantitative Methods, Corp) issued a rather innocuous press release simply stating:

Quantitative Methods, Corp. in Negotiations to Acquire Mineral Claims

Acquisition to Be Cornerstone of Company’s New Corporate Strategy

Quantitative Methods, Corp. (OTCBB: QTTME), today announced that it is in the advanced stages of negotiations with a Canadian Corporation to acquire several mineral claims. The claims are in a prime location that is characterised by high-grade mineral reserves. These acquisitions will be made with the understanding that the Canadian Corporation will leverage its extensive expertise as a mineral exploration and development company and function as the operator of the mining projects, and QTTME’s role will be one of a passive investor. Once finalized, this acquisition will be the foundation of the Company’s new corporate strategy which is to maximize shareholder value by investing in high revenue and cash flow potential mining projects. Further details on this acquisition will be furnished to shareholders upon the signing of the formal contract.

For more information, please contact Paul Vigneault at (514) 244-9988 or via e-mail at

Shortly thereafter, another press release was issued:

“Quantitative Methods, Corp. Signs MoU to Acquire Mineral Claims
Acquisition to Be Finalized Within the Next 30 Days

NEW YORK, NY — (MARKET WIRE) — 07/25/06 — Quantitative Methods, Corp. (OTCBB: QTTME), today announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a Canadian Corporation to acquire several mining claims. These claims are in a prime location that is characterised by high-grade mineral reserves. The MOU is subject to an evaluation of the property and shareholder approval of the acquisition. The two parties aim to complete the due diligence process and sign the formal purchase agreement within the next 30 days. For more information please contact Paul Vigneault at (514) 244-9988 or via e-mail at”

Days later, Serge Ollu incorporated BETA INDUSTRIES S.A. CORPORATION in Nevada.

In October 2006, He-5 Resources announces it has acquired claims in area 32F12.

Interestingly, Mr. Cortellazzi acquires (see graphic below) through Coastal Holdings the base camp for upcoming operations (1212 Redpath Crescent) and having pushed out Dr. Joel Fournier in October 2006, the Consortium was now in firm control of UMining’s predecessor Globex Inc.


In December, Mr. Roy in concert with a relative (Marie Andree Raynault) of Mr. Ollu’s wife (Denyse Raynault) proceedes to register (12 December 2006) a company called “Exploration Miniere Grenville”.

Since the Ethanol (Globex) project had not been fully successful and another scam, He-5 Resources (Ollu) had been successful, the focus of operations would fully shift to mining.

He-5 having already announced in October 2006 that it had acquired 176 mining claims in Northern Quebec (32F12) and comforted by the fact that a language barrier would prevent prying eyes from doing any significant research in Quebec, the Consortium proceeded with the next stage.

Press releases were issued in late January 2007 by M45 Mining (then Quantitative Methods Corp) and UMining (then Globex) a day apart.

The January 2007, M45 press release stated an acquisition of 292 mining claims identified the claims area 32F12, which the same area as the October 2006 He-5 press release. The January 2007 press release however goes on to say the vendor is Mr. Roy’s “Exploration Minière Grenville Inc.,” .

The M45 press release gives current UMining CEO Jean Michel De Montigny’s alias “John Michaels” as the Investment Relations contact:

“Mr. John Michaels, Investor Relations at (514) 812-4568 or via email at”

The UMining January 2007 press release while stating it is in “negotiations with prominent geologists in the Uranium Mining Industry to acquire a total of 200 claims in the Northern area of the Province of Quebec, Canada.” it is less than forthcoming about the location of the claims.

In a later press release, UMining states it had acquired even more claims and identifies the claims area as being 24L01:

“NEW YORK, NY — (MARKET WIRE) — January 31, 2007 — Globex, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GLXI) today announced that it has finalized the acquisition of 222 Uranium Mining Claims in the Province of Quebec, Canada. The Claims are located about 200 miles south of the Ungava Bay, North of Quebec, near the town of Tasjujaq. They are situated in the 24L01 area adjacent to the exploration sites owned by two mining corporations, namely Uranor Inc. and Canadian Royalties Inc.”

Since the January 2007 press releases, UMining has only registered 27 claims all of which are in a different area (31J14).

However, the Flim Flam Man (Mr. Roy) and his apprentice grifter (Mr. Dentinger) do have claims registered in 24L01 (see graphic below) which correspond to the location identified in the UMining 31 January 2007 press release as ” situated in the 24L01 area adjacent to the exploration sites owned by two mining corporations, namely Uranor Inc. and Canadian Royalties Inc. ” :


It has come to the attention of the blog that area 24L01 was to be the focus of an unreleased UMining press release which bears the issuance date of 10 October 2007, 8.30 AM which was drafted on 8 October 2007.

UMining does not currently have and has yet to register claims in 24 L01 since the issuance of the press release in January 2007.

The Consortium did however release a M45 Mining press release on 9 October 2007, in which the Flim Flam man (Mr. Roy) and his apprentice grifter (Mr. Dentinger) appear once again as “Miniere Grenville”:

“MONTREAL–(Marketwire – October 9, 2007) – M45 Mining Resources Inc. (OTCBB: MRES) today announced that it has finalized the acquisition of 160 mining titles covering a total area of 8,935 Hectares in the East area of the Matagami Mining Camp. The mining titles were acquired from “Miniere Grenville,” a Canadian Corporation, for a total consideration of One Million Two Hundred and fifty thousand dollars payable in common shares. This acquisition is a key milestone of the “East Wind” phase of the Company’s business development program. “

The blog refers the reader to the graphic below in order to note the current locations of the claims and their registered owners in areas 32F12 and 32F13.


The graphic identifies the current location of mining titles registered by Marcel Roy, Jean Claude Dentinger, M45 Mining and He-5 Resources. Also identified is the location of the claims for both NI 43-101 geologist reports issued by M45 and He-5 Resources previously reviewed on the blog.

Even more interesting is the fact that He-5 Resources is currently not registered as owner of the mining claims for which a recent geologist report was issued and discussed on this blog. The geologist report issued for Izza Minerals (a wholly owned subsidiary of He-5 Resources) which is written in French concerns claims in 31I16.

However, the ever present Flim Flam Man (Mr. Roy) does own 157 claims titles in area 31I16 through the intermediary of the ever present “Exploration Miniere Grenville”.

This being said, in order to understand how the Three Card Monte claims shuffle is being conducted you must recall the 2004 judgment which Mr. Roy and his group benefited.

Mr. Roy has been putting his legal knowledge of letters of intent to shuffle the claims titles around.

On 13 February 2007, Umining (then Globex) issued a Press Release in which the apprentice grifter figured prominently, the acquisition of the claims in 24L01 (discussed above) were subject to a “letter of intent”:

“NEW YORK, Feb. 13 /-/ – Globex, Inc. (GLXI: Pink Sheets), today announced that it has signed a letter of intent for the acquisition of 109 claims near the town of Tasjujaq in Northern Quebec, Canada. The Operations team is continually searching for and evaluating additional mining claims that may be acquired, in order to build a substantial asset base in the in the Northern Quebec uranium sector.

This region has significant proven Uranium reserves, and major players including Uranor Inc. and Canadian Royalties Inc are already exploring sites in the area surrounding Globex’s claims.

Lead Project Manager Mr. Detinger stated: “We are very fortunate to be in the process of securing these valuable uranium mining claims.”

Mr. Detinger went on to state: “Once we start rolling out the drilling equipment, we will move systematically from the areas further north to the southern region. Secondly, our initial exploration drilling will be concentrated in the key areas where our data revealed the presence of a large number of conductive responses occurring as conductive zones.”

A few months later, the He-5 Resources geologist report also discusses claims (31I16) which are subject to “letters of intent”:

IZZA a signé une lettre d’intention exprimant son désir d’acquérir un intérêt de 100% dans
la propriété minière Montauban. Le présent rapport va servir de base de négociation pour déterminer la valeur de la transaction entre IZZA Minéraux Inc. et Exploration Minière Grenville Inc.. “

A M45 press release issued on 25 April 2007 also mentions a “letter of intent” with “Miniere Grenville” for area 32F12:

NEW YORK, April 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ – M45 Mining Resources Inc., (OTC BB:MRES.OB – News), today announced that it has signed a letter of intent with ‘Miniere Grenville’ a Canadian Corporation, to acquire 40 new Mining Titles (120 Claims) covering a total surface area of 22 square kilometers. The properties are situated on the east side of Matagami Mining Camp adjacent to properties owned by Falconbridge/Xstrada.

M45 has commenced the implementation of its 4 phase strategic growth program, which initially involves the expansion of its asset base in the Matagami Camp with an overall goal of leveraging the value of each properties’ proven reserves in order to enhance shareholder value.

M45 has named this strategic acquisition area the ‘EAST WIND’ and the Company is in the process of negotiating for the purchase of additional Titles in this specific area of the Camp.

The 25 April 2007 press release concerning the same “East Wind” area (32 F12) as the latest 9 October 2007 press release declare that M45 owns 200 mining titles. However, the fact is that as of today, M45 has registered only 174 mining titles and these are all located in areas 32F11 and 32F12.

By far the most interesting document between M45 (then QMC) and Exploration Miniere Grenville (EMG) is the 17 January 2007 contract which is filed with the SEC.

The document states (SEC graphic appears after text):

EMG will sell a total of 292 Mining Claims territory as described in addendum (1 A) and located in the Matagami Camp, Province of Quebec in and or around designated territory 32 f.

The designated claims represents an aggregate sum of $4,500,000 dollars US (four million five hundred thousand).

In return

(QMC) will: Pay the sum of $4,500,000 USD (four million five hundred thousand) as follows:


By issuing a total of 909,090 restricted shares of QMC common stock at the valued price of $2.75 USD a share for a total value $2,500,000 USD. These sahers will be issued upon approval of the transaction by Governing and Regulating Authorities.

2. Cash

The sum of $2,000,000 USD (two million USD) on completion of the drilling programs.


However, the SEC filing does NOT CONTAIN THE ADDENDUM which has all the claims location information.

The Consortium used the same tactic when they issued the M45 geological report.

One of the more interesting features of all the Cortellazzi Consortium press releases is the extensive use of names of bonafide mining operations to support the press releases:

Umining – “The claims are located in the 24L01 area adjacent to the existing “Uranor Inc.” exploitation premises “

Umining- ” In 2006, several companies were active in the Otish Mountains area, including Cameco(the world’s largest low-cost uranium producer, with a 20% market share) and junior Strateco Resources Inc. The promising results obtained by Strateco Resources on the Matoush property highlight the potential of vein-type mineralization associated with a shear zone in sedimentary rocks.”

M45 Mining – ” The mining claims are located adjacent to the Perseverance Zinc mine owned by Xstrata plc, the world’s fifth-largest diversified mining company by market capitalization”

HE-5 Resources – “pleased to announce the acquisition of claims in the Matagami Mining Camp, Quebec; located adjacent to the Perseverance zinc mine owned by Falconbridge Limited, subsidiary of Xstrata plc. HE-5 has completed the acquisition of 176 mining claims covering an area of 70 square miles in the Matagami Mining Camp. The Company plans to acquire additional claims that would more than double its current interest in this prolific mining camp.”

The purpose of which is to suggest that since these claims are purposely located next to bonafide mining companies which have millions invested in order to camouflage the fact that these Cortellazzi Consortium claims were acquired for a very modest amount and are basically worthless.

Of all the geological reports previously discussed, none has ever suggested any of the claims had any immediate value.

The Flim Flam Man, his apprentice grifter and the Consortium are indeed experts in the art of slight of hand.

All the more disturbing is the fact while Mr. Roy and Mr. Ollu were moving forward unabated and actively conspiring in this current fraud, they were appearing before Criminal Courts for previous crimes.

Soon after the current plan had been orchestrated in July 2006, a clearly unrepentant Serge Ollu appeared before a Judge on 14 November 2006 and pled guilty to fraud :Quebec Court docket: 500-01-011104-038.

On 14 June 2007 charges were being laid against the unremorseful fraudster Marcel Roy concerning his breach of probation on 2 December 2006 (Quebec Court docket: 200-01-117056-071).

This being said Three Card Monte anyone ?

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