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October 7, 2007

Tell Me Who Your Friends Are And I Will Tell You Who You Are

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The blog takes this opportunity to publish more significant and compelling information uncovered through of the Quebec Court record database concerning the recent activities of Andrea Cortellazzi, Serge Ollu and Jean Michel de Montigny.

Andrea Michael Cortellazzi (BD: 1 July 1955)

During the 1980’s Mr. Cortellazzi had been sued on several occasions in civil court.

However, Mr. Cortellazzi’s legal education really began during the 1990’s.

In June 1990, the Toronto Dominion Bank undertook legal proceedings to foreclose on one of Mr. Cortellazzi’s properties. The bank sued his wife, then owner Giovanna Raso (Quebec Court docket: 700-05-000884-902) by serving the writ on Ms. Raso in Ottawa at 556 Laurier Ave, suite 2205.

In 1992, Mr. Cortellazzi’s wife, Giovanna Raso undertook divorce proceedings (Quebec Court docket:500-12-203791-920) against Mr. Cortellazzi which for all intense and purpose appears to have been launched as a creditor avoidance strategy. Giovanna Raso, operated JRC Realty Consulting with Mr. Cortellazzi in Ottawa, was convicted in February 1993 of carrying on a business as a mortgage broker.

Things didn’t improve much in September 1992 when the law firm representing the Cortelazzi’s interests undertook legal proceedings to collect their fees (Quebec court docket: 500-02-027510-929).

In 1998, Mr. Cortellazzi was charged with fraud (Section 380 Criminal Code), (Quebec Court docket: 540-01-009652-986) a crime for which he pleaded guilty. In August 2004, the Court ordered that he provide restitution ($ 19,505.07 ) and a 2 year suspended sentence.

During this period, Mr. Cortellazzi was charged again (Quebec Court docket: 500-01-000422011), on this occasion he was charged with counseling someone to commit a crime (Section 464 a) Criminal Code). The charge was not sustained.

By 2000, Mr. Cortellazzi had become quite skilled in handling creditors and juggling legal matters.

One of the more interesting cases during this period is a lawsuit undertaken in 2002 by 148646 Canada Inc. & Structures et Composantes Avtech Inc. (Quebec Court docket : 505-22-008304-026). While the amount is rather insignificant compared with other law suits, the litigation subject is revealing. It concerns activities at the St-Hubert airport before the mythical St-Hubert project was announced by Cort-Dev.

In November 2002, the Quebec taxation agency (Revenu Quebec) issued an assessment certificate (Quebec Court docket: 500-02-112869-024) which he skilfully avoided in paying for over 2 years.

In 2003, Mr. Cortellazzi was sued for $332,000.00 (Quebec Court docket: 500-17-014362-035) the matter was settled out of court in November 2005, just before it went to trial.

Serge Ollu (BD: 2 March 1946)

Mr. Ollu’s legal record read much like Mr. Cortellazzi’s with significant legal proceedings during the 1980’s and 90’s.

The 90’s were tumultuous years for Mr. Ollu, during this time he was charged with uttering false documents (Section 368, Criminal Code) and fraud (Section 380, Criminal Code) (Quebec Court docket: 500-01-008252-956) and was acquitted 2 years later in September 1997.

Mr. Ollu has gone bankrupt on 2 occasions, in 1984 ( Quebec Court docket: 500-11-002026-843) and 1996 (Quebec Court docket: 500-11-005189-960).

Mr. Ollu like his associate Mr. Cortellazzi also appears to have used divorce proceedings in a creditor avoidance strategy, He-5 Resources CEO, Denyse Raynault (Ollu’s wife) undertook the proceedings in 1997 (Quebec Court docket: 500-12-235343-971) however, only one document appears to have been ever filed.

In 2002, things appear to have gone downhill for a short time. Mr. Ollu was being sued for tuition fees by a private school attended by a family member. College Stanislas (Quebec Court docket: 500-22-0774622-021).

In 2003, the Royal Bank of Canada undertook legal proceedings to collect $161,137.10 (Quebec Court docket: 500-17-017431-035), the matter was settled after the Royal Bank executed its judgment by seizing assets in June 2005. The Royal Bank of Canada undertook more legal proceedings in 2005 (Quebec Court docket: 500-17-026587-058).

In July 2003, the Surete du Quebec once again presented criminal charges for fraud (Section 380, Criminal Code) (Quebec Court docket: 500-01-011104-038).

However, on this occasion Mr. Ollu wasn’t as fortunate, he pleaded guilty on 14 November 2006 to the fraud charge (the other 2, obtaining credit by a false pretence and having equipment used to commit forgery were dropped).

Jean Michel de Montigny

Jean Michel de Montigny appears to have received far less personal legal proceedings.

Proceedings mostly revolve around GSI technologies and when it was active.

One recent case, Jacques Biron vs GSI Technologies et al. (Quebec Court docket: 500-05-058197-003) for which a $98,766.00 judgment was rendered in January 2007.

It appears, that a Court seizure writ was issued just recently on 22 August 2007 in this case against some of the co-defendants, no other information is available at this time.

The Business Development Bank of Canada (Quebec Court docket: 500-22-102854-042) undertook legal proceedings against Mr. De Montigny in April 2005, it obtained judgment in November of the same year. No information is available in regards to the satisfaction of this outstanding judgment.

On 28 August 2007, these 3 men filed a document with the SEC in regards to M45 Mining (below, click to enlarge) :

Of these 3 men, 2 (Cortellazzi, Ollu) have recent fraud convictions and the other (De Montigny) has strong ties to organized crime.

Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are…

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