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October 6, 2007

The Flim-Flam Man And His Apprentice Grifter

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Two names which frequently appear in the current UMining, M45 Mining and He-5 Resources ventures are Mr. Marcel Roy and Jean-Claude Dentinger, both are residents of Quebec City.

Both men have a significant number claims in their name and both names have appeared in NI-43-101 geologist reports, press releases and other documentation for UMining, M45 Mining and He-5 Resources (Izza Minerals).

The blog has previously discussed the claims and the geologist reports and refers the reader to previous entries for more specific information.

Little is published by UMining, M45 Mining and He-5 Resources (Izza Minerals) concerning the two “prospector” claim title owners and it is little wonder why they haven’t.

Of the two, Mr. Dentinger is the Apprentice Grifter.

Mr. Dentinger was a longtime restaurant owner who declared bankruptcy in 1986 (Quebec Court docket: 200-11-000746-86). In 1998, Mr. Dentinger was sued in Montreal by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce for a relatively modest sum (Quebec Court docket: 500-22-025630-982) and more recently in 2007 by Mr. Daniel Drolet in Quebec City (Quebec Court docket:200-22-042731-075).

Mr. Marcel Roy is without a doubt the master, he’s the Flim Flam Man.

Mr. Roy can attribute his success in the current scam largely to the fact that he’s relatively unknown outside of Quebec.

Mr. Roy (BD: 6 October 1946) lists his current address in a pending criminal proceeding for which he is charged (Quebec Court docket : 200-01-117056-071 – failing to comply with a probation order) as 2277 Neptune, Quebec City.

2277 Neptune, Quebec City also appears in GESTIM under Mr. Roy’s name.

Mr. Roy also appears in GESTIM as the contact person for He-5 Resources and UMining:

Name : HE 5 Mining corporation inc. (80024)
Address : Marcel Roy 2533 North Carson Street, Suite 1934
City : Carson City
Province : Nevada
Country : États-Unis
Postal Code : 89706

Name : U Mining Resources Inc (80336)
Address : c/o Marcel Roy 6445 South Chickasaw trail Suite 139
City : Orlando
Province : Floride
Country : États-Unis
Postal Code : 32829

Mr. Roy also appears as the contact person for Exploration Miniere Grenville (a company which Mr. Roy is an officer) which is often mentioned in M45 Mining SEC filings and geologist 43-101 reports:

Address : 2277 DE NEPTUNE
City : Québec
Province : Québec
Country : Canada
Postal Code : G2E 6A3

Mr. Roy (the 2004 police identification photo appears below) and his wife were both arrested in 2004 for running a very elaborate Pyramid Scheme which had been under observation by the Quebec Provincial Police (Surete du Quebec) for over 2 years.


The Surete du Quebec had issued warnings in 2003 concerning the pyramid scheme and posted the Montreal and Quebec City phone numbers which victims could report the crime.

Amazingly, the pyramid scheme brazenly moved forward in spite of the investigation and media alert.

Mr. Roy and his wife Johanne O’Brien considered by the Surete du Quebec as the crime bosses of this scheme in Quebec were arrested at their home (seen in the picture below) on 17 March 2004 .


After their arrest, Mr. Roy repeatedly uttered to media reporters the pyramid scheme was legal, his wife stated sarcastically that with all the media coverage she was a movie star.

The pyramid scheme widely known as Cherry Report and more commonly known in Quebec as La Moisson and Gaia began in Alberta and moved it’s way eastwards to Quebec.


The Quebec media dubbed the matter “L’affaire La Moisson” and it drew this considerable media coverage owing to the sheer scale of the scheme.

According to one television media report in March 2004 the scheme claimed over 10 thousand victims.

Amongst the accused was a former politician who pleaded guilty in November 2004. Things began to unravel rather quickly thereafter when one of the main players, Gabrielle Théorêt pleaded guilty in December 2004, she received a very light sentence and 2 years probation.

However, this was just the beginning of a huge mess.

Victims of the pyramid scheme had been told at recruiting sessions their investments were TAX FREE.

Revenu Quebec, the Provincial agency responsible for taxation had a very different opinion, in June 2005 it issued a press release stating that 22 million in taxable gains were owing by participants of the pyramid scheme and it was issuing assessment notices to this effect.

The arbitrary government notice spawned two advocacy groups: and

Mr. Roy is scheduled to appear in Court concerning in the probation matter (Quebec Court docket : 200-01-117056-071) this 1 November 2007.


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