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October 2, 2007

The Fear of Getting Caught

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Many visitors have visited the blog since the last post.

Many of the IP’s come from the areas of persons who have received the blog’s attention and observations.

A French Internet Cafe IP (, Montreal IP’s, which resolve in the area of 1212 Redpath Crescent (,,, a Toronto IP ( which has logged many hours at regular intervals, one Orlando, Florida IP ( visited 11 times in less than 1 hour.

With so many Florida IP’s recently showing up on this blog, it’s unlikely that Jean Michel De Montigny, Dr. Jean Paul Cajolais and Jean Minville’s Florida firm The Broker Co (which is currently the address for UMining’s HQ) has fully closed down as one message board poster has recently insinuated.

Leaving shareholders with dead end phone numbers and contact address to easily reach the company has been a tactic used by Cortellazzi Consortium member Serge Ollu of He-5 Resources.

After months of hiding behind a Nevada phone number, one investor managed to reach Serge Ollu’s office. This was achieved by calling the Montreal office of Mr. Cortellazzi’s Coastal Holdings:


I called 514-288-0888 and talked to a guy names Michael Forte. Told him the web site was down. He said he was surprised (HA!). I asked for Serge. He said he wasn’t available (HA!) but that he had been down to Nevada and that HRRN had spent $300,000 (HAHA!!) on drilling and that there would be a PR soon. he gave his e-mail address as

I told him that investors were concerned that the HRRN web site and other Olle/Reynault sites were coming down. He feigned ignorancea and said he’d get on it right away, but he sounded peeved.

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! What a joke. Can’t believe someone actually answered the phone. Does ANYONE believe that they spent 300K on drilling???

The person taking the message, promptly gave the email address:

The email address also appeared on early UMining press releases (then Globex Inc.) :

“Contact: Globex, Inc. Michel Benoit Ph# (514) 288-8494 E-mail: URL:”

Many other Sympatico email accounts appear in various Cortellazzi venture press releases:


Sympatico is a Canadian Internet Service Provider which is owned by Bell Canada.

This blog has received numerous visits by Montreal area Sympatico IP’s :,,, which all resolve in the area of 1212 Redpath Crescent.

Many of the IP’s isolated to the 1212 Redpath Crescent area received by the blog can be viewed on this graphic (click to enlarge):


” Greed and fear, it’s said, are the forces that drive Wall Street. When the desire for gain exceeds the fear of getting caught, and no inner voice objects, the stage is set for scandal.”

The Fear of Getting Caught

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