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September 29, 2007

Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave

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The Cortellazzi Consortium operations span many countries and this is intentional.

Law enforcement agencies and securities regulators are efficient within their own jurisdiction, however when a scam spans so many jurisdictions the system breaks down due to the lack of inter jurisdictional cooperation, moreover white collar crime isn’t very high on the priority list for the agencies having the required international reach .

Of course, more knowledgeable bandits like the Cortellazzi Consortium are quite aware of this and manage to evade authorities for very long periods by using international borders and the Internet as shields.

The Cortellazzi Consortium is by far one of the more successful international operations as can been seen with Jean Michel De Montingny’s (GSI Technologies) and Andrea Cortellazzi’s Coastal Holdings which began as Pro-Active Computer Services.

In order for the Consortium to implement it’s communications program it needs a web presence.

To this end, the Cortellazzi Consortium has relied heavily on a Montreal company called Dimmax to create it’s web sites.

Interestingly, Dimmax doesn’t list any of the Cortellazzi Consortium creations as their clients, however many of them appear in the Dimmax web host folder located at : UMining : He-5 Resources Quantitative Methods Corporation, M45 Mining’s predecessor : Coastal Holdings/Canadian Blue Gold Izza Minerals (no longer available) : Sandoil Fuels : Canadian American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida Co New Trends Franchise Group

The web host is located in Canada (Beaumont, Alberta) and lists this Domain Name Server:

Dimmax is listed as the contact for Umining and M45 Mining, both domain names were registered just days apart (click on graphics to enlarge) :


UMining – 23 January 2007


M45 Mining – 19 January 2007

This being said, it is worth noting that in April 2007, logos and graphics for many of the above mentioned companies could be found in the UMining website image folder (see graphic below, click to enlarge):


Interestingly, many of the graphics which appear the Umining folder are for Trimax Capital Group of Calgary, Alberta.

In a March 2007 UMining (then Globex) press release, Trimax Capital Group was said to have many sources of financing:

“Trimax Capital Group LTD specializes in financing natural resource projects in the oil and gas and mining fields. Trimax’s financing program is offered in collaboration with companies such as: Nomura, Pali Capital, Dresdner Bank, JJ Wall, and Bear Stearns among others financial organizations. For further information on Trimax visit:”

Logos for Trimax Capital Group, Pali Capital, Dresdner Bank, Bear Stearns appear on in the UMining image folder.

JJ Wall which appears in the press release and for which the image folder does not have a logo is JJ Wall Resources Inc. a Cortellazzi Nevada shell corporation which lists its address as “61 SHADT TREE LANE, CARSON CITY” is actually 61 Shady Tree Lane, an address shared, with Serge Ollu’s (Denyse Raynault) He-5 Resources.

Ties between Trimax and UMining were purportedly severed in a May 2007 press release. One of the interested parties in Trimax was Mr. Nicholas Djokich.

Mr. Djokich’s bio stated:

“Nicholas Djokich, a successful businessman, has a career spanning over 30 years in commodities trading where he has developed a unique talent in the capital markets that has assisted him in achieving his goals. Mr. Djokich brings to the Trimax Capital Group extensive experience in the capital markets, valuable contacts, innovative ideas and leadership that is all instrumental to the achievement of the corporation’s vision and goals. Mr. Djokich has founded a number of trading companies that have proven to be beneficial to the agriculture industry in Alberta and Quebec. Together with a vast knowledge of the resource sector, and an extensive financial and technological background, Mr. Djokich is poised to lead Trimax Capital Group to success.”

Mr. Djokich like his Montreal associates has an interesting past:

“MONTREAL, QUEBEC–The Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) announced today that Nick Djokich, a meat broker, has been found guilty of tax evasion at the Montreal Court House.”

The Trimax website was hosted on another web host:

For future reference, please note the Trimax hyperlink bears the name “Cedric” and that the Trimax website is no longer active:

However the person of interest of this item is not Dimmax as Dimmax is a web design company, not a webmaster. The webmaster role belongs to another Cortellazzi facilitator by the name of Cedric Chen who works out of Paris and Aubervilliers, France.

Mr. Chen is proprietor Accessories Trade mark (ATM-E. Com) and ChineFrance ( (both web registrations appear below, click to enlarge graphics.)



Mr. Chen’s business web site lists both addresses (seen in graphic below, click to enlarge):


The hyperlink for M45 Mining :

bears Mr. Chen’s name and hosted on by the same web hosting service as all the others, just on a different server:

Mr. Chen is one of the frequent visitors to this blog: IP in Paris, IP in Aubervilliers and most recently an Internet cafe in Paris, IP .

Mr. Chen is not alone as you will see from the graphic below, many familiar names closely associated with the Cortellazzi Consortium have recently been visiting the blog as well (click on the graphic to enlarge):


Oh! what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive!

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