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September 19, 2007


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The release of a long awaited geological report has been the subject of much debate and speculation by UMining Message Board posters.

The latest UMining press release reassures investors the release of the long awaited report will occur this week.

The report has been prepared by a group of geologists who operate under the name of InnovExplo.

InnovExplo has also recently issued a geological report for M45 Mining, another Cortellazzi venture. Today, a press release issued by M45 Mining indicated the tender process for the drilling program in connection to this report would be under the supervision of InnovExplo.

On March 24th, the UMining CEO (then Investor Relations representative) Jean Michel de Montigny stated in an email to a shareholder that one the geologists preparing this report was a “government” employee :

“When we announced the acquisition of the (Grenville area) I received an email from 2 geologists who mapped this specific territory and who have made surveys on site. One of them is retired and wants to come on board, the second one works for the government and wanted to help us out since she believed we are right on the U spot……

The blog receives many private, corporate and government visitors, some IP addresses are published and some are not.

Today, the blog received a visit by the MRNF which is the Ministry responsible for Mines in Quebec :

IP ( Ste- Foy, Quebec, Canada
Ministere Des Ressources Naturelles De La Faune Et Des Parcs Gouvernement Du Quebec

The Ministere Des Ressources Naturelles De La Faune (MRNF) is the ministry in Quebec responsible amongst other things to oversee mining rights and managing the claims database.

UMining’s unreleased geological report and recent claims registration activities within the GESTIM database have aroused interest from the government department which oversees such activities.

IMWTK (Inquiring Minds Want To Know).

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