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September 3, 2007

The Club

Sooner or later, everyone wants to be part of a Club.

Colonel James H. Krilich (a visitor to this blog, IP recently appointed as the Chairman of the Board to UMining is one of these people.

Col. Krilich (who’s message board alias is jim16640) wanted to be part of a club and that’s why he wanted to join Umining stock’s most fervent group of supporters (the Locusts). Col. Krilich quickly proceeded to acquire a significant portion of UMining’s available shares and later purchased even more on behalf of his spouse.

On the day of his appointment as Chairman of the Board of UMining , Col. Krilich posted a message on one of the message boards pointing out that he and his wife had lost a significant amount in UMining but nonetheless he remained positive and pro-active:

I have over 2 million shares at a average cost of 14 cents, so like all of you. I and my wife are deep in the red on this investment.

I have asked analogdog and klon to put together an easy to understand ‘BITCH’ list – which i will send to the other board of directors – in advance to our first BOD meeting – so there are no surprises – and I expect a full answer and resolution to each item on the list.

I have not talked to the other Bod members yet, other than John, who fully supports my leadership and ideas. I hope they will call me tonight or tomarrow. John is contacting the other board members so that will know how to contact me.

I want to have a Board of Directors meeting as soon as possable in Montreal or anyplace convient to everyone.

I will not accept a salary in the position. I merely want my expenses paid and hope that a just reward in the form of restricted shares – will be given to me by the stock holders after we achieve our objectives.

As are as expenses, i think my new nickname should be changed to “Cheap Jim”. I travel economy – and stay in smoke free marriot hotels or equivalent hotels and i jumjp in taxis instead of renting cars. I will establish a reasonable dollar ceiling for travel so no one in manage ment is living high off the hog at stockholders expense. The only problem is with the dollar falling in value each into euro and canadian dollar economies becomes more expensive.

I am upset with the stock price. I accepted this appointment because in times of trouble who do you trust… my anwer…. Yourself!!

I want a company website that provides as much information as possable to stockholders. such as:

a. key objectives and subtasks with a approximate week/month for it to be completed.

b. sub tasks that essential to complete the key objective.

note: each task will have a budget estimate so we know what we are getting into before we make a obligation.

c. the first list of objectives that i will take to the Board of Directors meeting will be the “bitch” list that analogdog and klon are preparing for me.

d. i want to provide to all you – the status of where we are at on all the important tasks that have been previously promised to us in new releases.

e. I am prepared to step down as the Chairman – when ever the stock holders have lost faith in me, or someone with more proven talent comes along. I did not accept this position for the thrill of a fancy title…I am here to save – my $350,000 that me and my wife spent buying UMNG stock.

The issues I am concerned about – what is proven – what is probable; the legal documentation of each lease – so we know it is in our ownership; the accurate reporting to regulation government authroties of all required documents; a plan that monitors the collection of data that gets rolled up into a timely sumbitted finacial report to the SEC and other government agencies; hard copy recepts of all travel expenses.

I have a vision of a very high price of uranium. I have a huge love for Canada. I look at Canada as being a huge vault that is filled with valuables that no one can steal from us. But its up to us to go out there and develope it for the peoples of North America.

I am approachable and I am willing to work with anyone that can help us achieve our goal – that goal is A PROFITABLE INVESTMENT for my fellow investors. In my mind – the cost basis of this stock is forty cents. After we get back to forty cents…I feel I accomplished my major short term objective.

Some people will probably be pissed that i posted this open message – but what the hell – Eagles never fly in a flock.

Colonel Jim Krilich, Army United States, RETIRED.

PS I do read all the posts here – but simply do not have the time to respond. that is why i am counting on analagod and klon to call me.

In the last message posted 2 days later on the same message board, Col. Krilich explained how he was invited to the exclusive Club:

how did i get on the board?

made my presence known to Mr. John Micheals by faxing him copies of my and my wife’s schwab and scotrade stock accounts when I had bought about one million shares of glxi. he started answering the phone aftrer he got my fax. Since then I have built my position larger and larger and after I approached two million shares…John invited me to send him my resume.

Members of the Club directed by Mr. Andrea M. Cortellazzi are selected, resumes are not required.

The Cortellazzi Consortium is a tight knit society of close friends, associates and family.

As point of reference, if you examen He-5 Resources (HRRN) you will soon find out that it is a family affair with Serge Ollu (Pacific GreenBeta S.A.Resources) and wife Denyse Raynault at the helm. Son Jean Sebastien Ollu appears in a Nevada shell corporation Sebcor Resources Inc. Denyse Raynault recently registered another company in Canada, Izza Minerals which is wholly owned by He-5 Resources.

Mr. Ollu also appeared as Executive Vice President in Mr. Cortellazzi’s Coastal Holdings (COHG).

The Ollu-Raynault family extends to another family member, Marie Andrée Raynault who is CEO of Exploration Minière Grenville Inc.

Another person on the Board of Directors of Exploration Minière Grenville Inc. , Marcel Roy also appeared as one of the lead prospectors for Izza Minerals.

Mr. Roy’s name also appears prominently in geologist reports for M45 Mining (MRES) and He-5 Ressources (HRRN).

M45 Mining’s predecessor Quantitative Methods Corporation (QTTM) stated in a 17 January 2007 SEC filing that it had “acquired” from Exploration Minière Grenville 292 claims in area 32 F for the sum of 4,5 Million US, part in shares part in cash when a drilling program had been completed.

Soon thereafter, Quantitative Methods Corporation appointed Demetrius Manulakos (Chairman), Craig Perry and Gilles Ouellette. The Chairman so happened to reside in the same building and on the same floor as Mr. Andrea Cortellazzi : 1321 Sherbrooke St. W. Suite F100, Montreal, PQ, H3G 1J4 which was also the location for Coastal Holdings Inc. (COHG).

Mr. Perry was given a very generous “Employee and Consultant Stock Incentive Plan” of 7,000,000 Shares which amounts to $3,325,000.00 US. For some unexplained reason this incentive plan is not mentioned in the Quarterly report signed by Mr. Cortellazzi on 30 June 2007 (who assumed the position of CEO on 27 June 2007 ) and filed much later on 21 August with the SEC.

Interestingly, there were never any press releases issued to mention Mr. Cortellazzi’s appointment as CEO of M45 Mining. Judging from the recent SEC filing, it appears that Mr. Cortellazzi (MRES) Mr. Ollu (HRRN) and Mr. De Montigny (UMNG) are prepearing to join forces under one single entity.

There was a very good reason for the Cortellazzi Consortium to extend an invitation to Col Krilich and it had nothing to do with the amount of shares that he owned. Col. Krilich was a convenient way to bolster Umining’s increasing lack of credibility and divert attention to the appointment, in short what political strategists refer to as ” changing the channel”.

Col. Krilich has remained silent since his last message on 13 July 2007 , and owing to recent events it appears that his membership in the Club is on the verge of being cancelled.

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