The Cortellazzi Consortium

August 29, 2007

The Silent Partners

These modern day Robber Barons have high speed printing presses ready to do their bidding however to sell large amounts of these shares , you need something to capture the attention of Penny Stock investors, a market with less control than most. The Cortellazzi Consortium operates in Canada out of arms reach of the SEC and US law enforcement.

These modern day Robber Barons have no lack of imagination when it comes to the subject matter of the shares. Umining (previously Globex) under the direction of Jean Michel de Montigny started out July 2006 promoting “Ethanol”, then in early January 2007 moved into “Uranium” mining (not your most environmentally friendly mineral ), recently Umining dropped the “Ethanol” and announced it was moving into “Bio-Diesel”.

Coincidentally, Mr. Cortellazzi’s M45 Mining also has “uranium” claims and Mr. Ollu’s He-5 Resources has mineral claims as well.

More precisely, the claims for both M45 and He-5 so happen to be in the same area:

“Quantitative Methods, Corp. Announces $4.5 Million
Investment in the Matagami Mining Camp

Wednesday January 17, 8:30 am ET

Key Acquisition in Goal to Become Important Player in Mining Industry

NEW YORK, NY–(MARKET WIRE)–Jan 17, 2007 — Quantitative Methods, Corp. (OTC BB:QTTM.OBNews) today announced that it has made a $4.5 million investment in the Matagami Mining Camp, located in the Province of Quebec, Canada. This investment involves the acquisition of numerous mining claims in the world-class mining district. The Company will release further details on this investment immediately upon final legal and regulatory approval of the transaction. The realization of this significant investment by QTTM is the result of five months of intense negotiations with the property owners. It serves as the cornerstone of its goal to become an important player in the mineral exploration and development industry.”

“HE-5 Resources, Corp. Acquires Claims in Matagami Mining Camp

Claims are Adjacent to Perseverance Zinc Mine Owned by Falconbridge Limited

NEW YORK, NY– (MARKET WIRE)—October 18, 2006 – HE-5 Resources, Corp. (HRRN: Pink Sheets), is pleased to announce the acquisition of claims in the Matagami Mining Camp, Quebec; located adjacent to the Perseverance zinc mine owned by Falconbridge Limited, subsidiary of Xstrata plc. HE-5 has completed the acquisition of 176 mining claims covering an area of 70 square miles in the Matagami Mining Camp. The Company plans to acquire additional claims that would more than double its current interest in this prolific mining camp.

The mining claims are located approximately 10 km. west of Matagami in the Daniel and Cavalier Townships (NTS Map Sheet 32F12), in the area known as the Matagami Mining Camp. Shareholders may view the Map Sheet that displays the mining claims at: The Matagami Mining Camp is a world-class mining district, with 18 known volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposits. The area is host to historical production of 8.6 billion pounds of zinc and 853 million pounds of copper and has established infrastructure including the town of Matagami, a railway, paved road and a 2,350 t/day mill owned by Falconbridge.

The property is notably situated 3 km. immediately south-west of the Perseverance zinc deposit discovered by Noranda in March 2003. Falconbridge Limited recently announced that it expects to invest approximately $130 million in the development of the Perseverance zinc mine, made possible in part by stronger zinc markets and the continued collaboration and support of the Quebec Government. Perseverance has measured and indicated resources of 5.1 million tonnes grading 15.8% zinc, 1.24% copper, 29 grams of silver per tonne and 0.38 grams of gold per tonne. “

All three companies have the same “prospectors” (Jean Claude Dentinger & Marcel Roy) which so happen to be listed in GESTIM, the Quebec Government’s mining database in many cases as the claims owners:

Ville : Beauport
Province : Québec
Pays : Canada
Code postal : G1C 3S7

Nom : HE 5 Mining corporation inc. (80024)
Adresse : Marcel Roy 2533 North Carson Street, Suite 1934
Ville : Carson City
Province : Nevada
Pays : États-Unis
Code postal : 89706

Nom : Marcel Roy (82360)
Adresse : 2277, rue du Neptune, Québec, ( Québec )
Ville : Québec
Province : Québec
Pays : Canada
Code postal : G2E 6A3

Nom : M45 Mining Resources inc. (80339)
Adresse : 1212 Redpath Cres
Ville : Montréal
Province : Québec
Pays : Canada
Code postal : H3G 2K1

Nom : U Mining Resources Inc (80336)
Adresse : c/o Marcel Roy 6445 South Chickasaw trail Suite 139
Ville : Orlando
Province : Floride
Pays : États-Unis
Code postal : 32829

In two recent geologist reports, both M45 Mining and He-5 Resources both Mr. Jean Claude Dentinger and Mr.Marcel Roy appear. Not much is known about either, according to a Globex (later Umiming) January 2007 Press Release:

“Mr. Detinger is a well known and renowned prospector with a track record of over 30 years of experience in the mining industry in North America and Europe .”

However, one Raging Bull poster knew otherwise:

The prospector, Mr Detinger is in fact an ex restaurant owner. His restaurant went bankrupt then he became a prospector ….wow what a team Uranium a la carbonara with fettuchini si si si..”

Mr. Roy has close ties to another silent partner, Marie Andree Raynault of Exploration Miniere Grenville Inc., in fact the Government of Quebec mining database (GESTIM) indicates the company shares the same physical address as Mr. Roy

Adresse : 2277 DE NEPTUNE
Ville : Québec
Province : Québec
Pays : Canada
Code postal : G2E 6A3

In January 2007, M45’s predecessor Quantitative Methods Corporation filed a SEC document purportedly acquiring 292 claims from Exploration Miniere Grenville :

Section 1 – Registrant’s Business and Operations

Section 1.01 Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement.

On January 17, 2007, the Registrant entered into an Agreement with Exploration Miniere Grenville Inc. (“EMG”), a Quebec corporation, whereby EMG sold to the Registrant a total of TWO HUNDRED NINETY-TWO (292) mining claims located in the Matagami Camp, Province of Quebec in or around designated territory 32F for the purchase price of NINE HUNDRED NINE THOUSAND NINETY (909,090) shares of common stock of the Registrant. Pursuant to the Agreement, the value of the mining claims represents a total of $4,500,000.

Then in April 2007, M45 declared in a Press Release to have acquired more claims from Exploration Miniere Grenville:

“M45 Mining Resources Inc. Announces Acquisition of 40 New Mining Titles in East Area of Matagami Mining Camp
Wednesday April 25, 9:27 am ET

45 Continues to increase Asset base Zinc-rich Matagami Camp

NEW YORK, April 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ – M45 Mining Resources Inc., (OTC BB:MRES.OB – News), today announced that it has signed a letter of intent with “Miniere Grenville” a Canadian Corporation, to acquire 40 new Mining Titles (120 Claims) covering a total surface area of 22 square kilometers. The properties are situated on the east side of Matagami Mining Camp adjacent to properties owned by Falconbridge/Xstrada.

45 has commenced the implementation of its 4 phase strategic growth program, which initially involves the expansion of its asset base in the Matagami Camp with an overall goal of leveraging the value of each properties’ proven reserves in order to enhance shareholder value.”

Mr. Roy and Dentinger declared to a geologist preparing an official document called a NI 43-101 that the claims in another area (NTS map 31 I16) had been owned by Exploration Miniere Grenville then registered in the name of Mr. Dentinger and Mr. Roy, however the geologist report goes on to purport that another company Izza Minerals (wholly owned by He-5 Resources (Denyse Raynault and Serge Ollu)) signed a letter of intent to acquire these from Exploration Miniere Grenville (Mr. Roy and Ms. Marie Andree Raynault):

“Les permis d’exploration d’une validité de deux années sont renouvelables. Ils sont situés
dans la Seigneurie de Grondines-Ouest et les cantons de Chavigny et de Montauban. La superficie
totale couverte par le Projet est de 4 603.78 hectares. Les cent dix sept (117) claims
furent au départ enregistrés au nom de deux prospecteurs de la région de Québec, messieurs
Jean-Claude Dentinger et Marcel Roy. par la suite, ces claims ont été acquis par Exploration
Minière Grenville Inc., une société privée d’exploration minière.

IZZA a signé une lettre d’intention exprimant son désir d’acquérir un intérêt de 100% dans
la propriété minière Montauban. Le présent rapport va servir de base de négociation pour
déterminer la valeur de la transaction entre IZZA Minéraux Inc. et Exploration Minière
Grenville Inc. “

Confused, well that was the whole purpose of that series of transactions.

However, in a simplified format this is what happened. The claims held by Serge Ollu through Marcel Roy, Marie Andree Raynault Exploration Minière Grenville Inc where reacquired in order to mask the intended share shuffling with M45 and Umining which was to occur.

Notwithstanding, it’s numerous Press Releases it had been brought to light in which names the claims had really been registered, moreover it had been discovered that no claims had been registered in Umining’s corporate name.

Soon therafter, Umining registered 27 claims via Mr. Roy, claims which had been previously been registered in Mr. Dentinger’s name:

Mr. Dentinger, Mr. Roy and Ms. Raynault in one way or another are the Silent Partners of all three of Mr. Cortellazzi’s mining consortium.

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