The Cortellazzi Consortium

August 26, 2007

The Players – The Sidekick

Mr. Cortellazzi has an impressive list of assistants, none are more interesting than Jean Michel De Montigny of Montreal, Quebec. While Mr. De Montigny wishes to have everyone believe that he works elsewhere, he in fact operates out of Mr. Cortellazzi’s office building (seen here below) at 1212 Redpath Crescent.

1212 Redpath Crescent

Mr. De Montigny (seen here below) is the CEO of another mining company called U Mining (UMNG) which purportedly operates out of Florida but which in fact has and still operates out of 1212 Redpath Crescent.

Mr. De Montigny has previously come under journalistic scrutiny by Radio-Canada in October 2005 concerning his ties, one of his companies called GSI Technologies and the Hells Angels.

The Radio Canada report was less than flattering and stated that investors in Mr. De Montigny’s company had lost millions:

“M. de Montigny a touché au moins un million de dollars en vendant à haut prix des actions dans lesquelles il avait investi environ 10 000 $, selon un document de la Security and Exchange Commission, le chien de garde de la bourse aux États-Unis. Il nie que le montant de ses gains ait été aussi élevé.

De leur côté, les investisseurs ont perdu des millions de dollars dans l’effondrement de GSI.”

At the time that Mr. De Montigny the Investors Relations spokesperson, it was discovered that he was using the alias of “John Michaels” in UMining (then Globex Inc (GLXI) Press Releases prompting many Message Board posters on Investors Hub and Raging Bull to nickname him Mr. hit counter javascript

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