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August 26, 2007

The Players – ShadowMan

The last member of Mr. Cortellazzi’s main players is Serge Ollu, Canadian, also a Montrealer. Mr. Ollu prefers living in the shadows which is why he uses his wife’s name Denyse Raynault as his shield.

Mr. Ollu is the guiding hand behind He-5 Ressources (HRRN). He-5 Ressources is a company with no real visible physical address, it currently uses an address which is located in a Nevada trailer park: 61 Shady Tree Lane, Carson City, Nevada, USA 89706 . Calling the phone number 775-291-6469 is a futile exercise. This spring, an investor did manage to reach He-5 Resources, however this was achieved by contacting a phone number: 514-288-0888 in use for Coastal Holdings (COHG) one of Mr. Cortellazzi’s company’s.

Recently, a new website has appeared with the name the “Redpath Consortium”

By coincidence, the phone number: 514-288-0888 appears on this website and lists the address at 1212 Redpath Crescent.

Mr. Ollu’s most recent corporate vehicule is named IZZA minerals Inc. On June 26, 2007 a Press Release declared IZZA a wholly owned by He-5 Resources and a website went online:

HE-5 Resources, Corp. Announces Formation of IZZA Minerals Inc. Subsidiary to Explore Canadian Mining Territories

HE-5 Forecasts Finalizing Merger Agreement With TSX Venture Exchange Listed Corporation in the Near Future

HE-5 Resources, Corp. (PINKSHEETS: HRRN) is pleased to announce the formation of IZZA Minerals Inc., a wholly owned Canadian Subsidiary to explore the Company’s Canadian Mining Territories.

IZZA Minerals will function as the exploration arm of HE-5 with a mandate to explore its mining territories in Canada. The status of IZZA Minerals Inc., as a Canadian Mining Corporation, will benefit from all the major tax incentives (Flow – Through Shares).

Shareholders may visit IZZA Minerals Corporate Website at:

Moreover, HE-5 Management, for the last three months, has been negotiating a Business Combination (Reverse Take Over) of IZZA Minerals Inc. and a TSX Venture Corporation. Only a few criteria remain for the completion of this merger; final closing via our attorneys is scheduled shortly.

HE-5 CEO, Miss Denyse Raynault, stated the following: “Our operations team has been actively preparing a systematic development plan during the last 12 months and we are very proud to see our efforts begin to bear fruit for the benefit of all of our shareholders. We will soon announce the nomination of new officers and directors who will join our organization and complete the operations team.”

The website was pulled less than 48 hours later, this is how the website appeared (click on the link for a larger view) :


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